How To Start An Embroidery Business [Our How To Guide]

Transform your embroidery passion into a thriving home business with our expert guide. Master your embroidery skills, create a stunning portfolio, and grasp your local market’s demand. This $10 billion industry beckons you to combine skill and creativity to craft a profitable venture.

Your home-based embroidery business is not just worth it – it’s profitable and rewarding. Join this thriving market and turn your hobby into a thriving business today!

A Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Patches: In 6 Simple Steps

In this guide, discover how to make custom patches in six simple steps. Whether you want to mark a uniform, personalize clothing, or elevate your style, custom patches offer a cost-effective solution. You’ll learn to choose and create a design, cut out your patch, and attach it to your garment using various methods.

This article explores different patch styles whilst also providing valuable tips for making them that stand out. Enter the world of patch customization and add a unique touch to your clothing and accessories.

Best Embroidery Scissors

Unleash your creativity with the best embroidery scissors on the market. From precise cuts to ergonomic designs, we’ve curated a list of great options for your embroidery brand or project.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Enter to explore our top picks and take your embroidery game to the next level!

recommended heat press machines for t-shirts and clothing

Best Transfer Heat Presses For T-shirts

Transform your t-shirt printing with cutting-edge heat press machines. Unlock precision, power, and professional-grade results that exceed expectations. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, our curated selection of top heat press machines will take your craft to the next level.

Experience convenience and versatility with compact options, unleash creativity with portable models, or embrace industrial-quality performance. Don’t settle for ordinary prints. Explore our handpicked recommendations and revolutionize your t-shirt printing today!

How Big Should A Logo Be On A Shirt: Don’t Miss Tips

Logos come in all shapes and sizes, but the ideal logo size is a critical choice that depends on a variety of factors.

Uncover key insights, such as how logo size affects visibility and brand perception. We’ll guide you through the right logo dimensions for different shirt types and placements, helping you strike the perfect balance between attention-grabbing and tasteful.

Find out why size isn’t the only consideration, and learn the art of enhancing your shirt’s branding strategy

sewing a patch on baseball cap

A Guide to Easily Sewing a Patch onto a Hat for a Customized Look

Discover the secret to hat transformation in our comprehensive guide. We’ve got your covered not matter your expertise.

From hand-picking the perfect patch to securing it like a pro, we’ve got you on your way. If you’re a fan of hand-crafting, our step-by-step guide caters to your style. And for those in search of quick fixes, we have some unique options that can help too!

Start your sewing a patch on a hat transformation journey now!

Best Laptops For T-Shirt Design

0%T-shirt design has witnessed a surge in popularity over the past few years, with a growing number of individuals seeking to unleash their creativity and craft unique garments that captivate buyers. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly straightforward endeavor lies a realm that demands not just artistic flair but also expertise in handling diverse …

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How To Set Heat Press Temperature & Time: A Guide To Successful Printing

Whether you’re crafting custom tees, personalized gifts, or promotional items, your success hinges on mastering the art of temperature control. But it’s not just about cranking up the heat!

In our in-depth guide, we reveal the secrets to fine-tuning your heat press machine settings, ensuring the ideal temperature and timing for your projects. Thin fabrics demand lower temps and quicker presses, while thicker materials need a hotter embrace. Explore our temperature chart for specific materials, and gain the confidence to tackle your projects like a pro.

Best Boom Arm For Shure Sm7b

The Shure sm7b, a professional-grade microphone used by musicians and streamers, is often paired with a boom arm. This pairing helps reduce background noise and enhance sound quality.

Boom arms come in various types, each with its own unique features. Some offer budget-friendly options, while others provide strong desk clamps for stability. Shock resistance, flexibility, and quiet operation are also factors to consider when choosing a boom arm.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a boom arm depends on your specific needs, whether you’re a studio producer, streamer, or podcast creator, but we have listed on this article which we think do a fantastic job!

Is It Safe to Clean Eyeglasses in an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

0%Post ContentEver wondered how to restore the sparkle to your eyeglasses or delicate glassware? Enter the ultrasonic cleaner—a household marvel designed for deep cleaning various items. Equipped with a water or cleaning solution tank, this device immerses objects, such as eyeglasses, in a liquid bath. But here’s where the magic happens: as you power it …

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microphone desk mounted stand

Best Blue Yeti Mic Stand For Maximum Audio Performance

Unlock the full potential of your blue yeti mic and elevate your audio with the perfect stand!

You’ve invested in the remarkable Blue Yeti microphone – now, it’s time to take your audio game to the next level. Say goodbye to unwanted desk noise, awkward positioning, and audio limitations.

Dive into our comprehensive guide on the best Blue Yeti microphone stands, carefully curated to transform your recording experience, and explore the essential factors to consider before choosing the ideal stand for your Yeti.

solidifier modifier blender

Blender Solidify Modifier – What It Does & When To Use It?

0%Post ContentBlender has a vast number of modifiers which is actually a good thing as it makes the tool very versatile and flexible. The downside is it can make the user feel a little overwhelmed. However, it’s important to note, once you get the basic principles of what each modifier does, it becomes easier to …

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blender merge vertices

How To Merge Vertices In Blender & Why You’d Want To?

0%Post Content→ Your starting point to becoming a Blender guru is here! In this article we’ll be looking at how to merge vertices of an object in edit mode. Many of you might remember the remove doubles feature on Blender and what it was used for? Essentially merge vertices is the new name for remove …

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animation settings with Blender software

How To Use Blender For Animation: Using Physics Tab

0%Post ContentIn this post, we will be looking at the simplest animation you can create using Blender. We’ll set up two scenarios using the exact same scene but acquiring different end results. The idea here is to demonstrate an understanding of how animations (using the physics tab) work on Blender and how easy it is …

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using HDR maps for realistic rendering

How To Use HDRI Maps For Realistic Lighting Effect on Blender

0%Post ContentIn this post we take a look at how mimicking realistic lighting conditions using HDRI maps on Blender can result in the most realistic 3D renders. It’s not uncommon to try and inject the settings into the 3D objects themselves to achieve the desired renders. However, in this tutorial, we look at letting external factors …

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