Dragon Door: Smash Through Your Strength Potential With IsoChain

The fellows from Dragon Door claim to have build a product that helps smash through the secret obstacle that limits your strength gaining ability and reach your full physical capability.

And they claim to be able to do it using the IsoChain in conjunction with Paul Wade’s progressive masterplan with Isometric training!

But first, what is the IsoChain,

Well, it looks like this!

Dragon Door IsoChain

What’s The Concept Behind The IsoChain?

The idea behind the IsoChain makes a lot of sense as it uses Isometrics. Isometrics is a training discipline that’s been used for a very long period of time with good success for building up strength.

However, the results can often peter out due to running into limitations, such as, not having a quantifiable metric of how much force you’re putting into your workout.

If you don’t have anything to measure, then there’s nothing to compare it to, and progress can diminish as a result.

This becomes an issue because it’s:

  1. Hard to track progress.
  2. Harder to program progress like regular strength training.

So the solution to the problem seems simple, add a force gauge to the handle or chain to measure how much force you apply… and that exactly what IsoChain by Dragon Door have done.

The figure can be recorded and be used as a datapoint to improve on, the next time you do your training session.

How Does Dragon Door IsoChain Work?

It’s a metal base plate, where you hook up a chain and on the other end of the chain you attach a handle.

By standing on the metal base plate, you essential pull or push on the handle as if trying to lift your own body weight off the ground.

This is what’s called Isometric resistance, as you are creating resistance on your muscles without any joint movement.

Let’s look at some visual explanations as to how it works!

Isometric Strength Conditioning

Image by Dragon Door

Front Squat IsoChain Training

Image by Dragon Door

Seated Curl Training

Image by Dragon Door

Are There Any Programs To Follow?

From the examples above, we get a taster of only a few positions that can be used to work different parts of the body.

Here is an other example that works your back.

Image by Dragon Door

So, as can be seen, the IsoChain is a fully adaptable exercising kit designed to work all parts of the body.

However, to get more advanced at it, the guys from Dragon Door have teamed up with Paul Wade who has developed specifically the Progressive Masterplan for getting superb results with Isometric training.

Why Use The IsoChain?

This piece of equipment is as solid as steel but only weighs a few pounds. It is also very thin in profile making it extremely easy to carry with you on your travels.

There’s no need to pay expensive fees at commercial gyms. The IsoChain takes up no more than 2 square feet of space, making it easy to work out at your home, even at the most modest size homes.

Here are a few more advantages the IsoChain brings

  1. As solid as steel by weighs only a few pounds (easy to transport)
  2. Takes up less the 2sq feet (easy to workout at home)
  3. No need to join commercial gyms
  4. Digital gauge to measure strength accurately
  5. Audibly tell you when you hit your target
  6. Muller and Hettinger, 1954 studies should isometric training strengths muscle quicker than dynamic training
  7. Significant reduction in injury due to no movements in joints
  8. Quicker recovery times compared to isotonic exercise

Final Thoughts

As someone in my 40s and having neglected my body somewhat with lack of exercise and unhealthy eating, I decided to do something about it.

The exercise of choice is long distance running and cycling were I would cover anywhere between 4 – 12 km and 12 – 18km respectively.

This has greatly improved my energy levels and I feel much better. However, I often wonder the impact it may have on joints and tendons (especially with running) in future years?

Isometric training is certainly not one that I ever though of, but it’s potential is great enough for me to add it into my exercise regime.