APM Designs: Privacy Policy

We have created this Privacy Policy specifically for those who may be concerned about their personal data and how it may be used when engaging this website.

Please spend the time to carefully read through our Privacy Policy to better understand how we collect data, why we collect it, for what we use it and how we also protect it in accordance with our website.

Do We Use Cookies?

We “do” use cookies which are small light weight files that your web browser transfers to your computer. By default, most browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer will save cookies onto your machine. These cookies files are essentially snippets of the website’s structure (a memory), so that the next time you visit, pages will load up more quickly giving you a better user experience. An other example: remember how sometimes you start filling out a form and it remembers details (auto-fill) to save you from retyping? Well that is also thanks to cookies, making your life that little bit easier!

Google Analytics

We do use Google Analytics which is an analytics service provided by Google Inc. This service also uses cookies to provide data to use on how users (such as you) interact with our website. Essentially the cookie that stores information about your activity to your site is transmitted to a Google server in the U.S. and stored there.

Then, on our belhalf, Google uses this information to evaluate how the user (you) have interacted with our website and send back that information to us in the form of a report through Google Analystics software.
Below are some examples of the data that is presented to us, that we make use of to better our website’s performance and services.

  • Visitor count
  • Page views
  • Time on site
  • New users vs returning users
  • Bounce rate
  • Country website viewed from
  • Device used (PC or Mobile)
  • Page load speed
  • Etc.

Thanks! But I’d Rather Not Use Cookies

We would always recommend using cookies purely for improved user experience purposes and for functionality of certain features on our site.
However, we respect people’s decisions and provide the following information on how to stop browsers from transferring cookies onto your machine.

Disabling Cookies

Personal Information We Collect?

Personal information that we collect will mainly include your email address, such as when you choose to subscribe to our news letter. We may also use your email address to conduct surveys in order to:

  • Improve site performance / navigation and structure
  • Gather data on specific topics you may like to read about
  • Promote a particular page or product
  • Follow up inquiries
  • etc

Processing Your Personal Information!

We do not hand over your email address to any third parties. Nor do any third party have a hand in processing the personal data we collect. Any opt-in data (such as “choosing to subscribe to our newsletter”) is directly saved on our data base automatically.

Affiliation & Adverting Disclaimer

These are the two main methods that apm-designs.com uses for generating income for the upkeep of the website.

All information and access to the site is free. However, plenty of time and resources are required to provide this information and therefore we must find a way to finance this to keep the site running and updated for your consideration. Below is a breakdown of these income methods.

Amazon Affiliation

We participate in Amazon’s Associates Program, which is an affiliation program catered to providing a way for websites to earn commission fees by linking directly to Amazon product pages.

Any purchases made, will result in a small commission for us and hopefully a nice product for you (one that you have been looking for).

Currently, Amazon is our main affiliate partner but that is not to say we will not consider other programs in future.

We carefully research and evaluate the latest products to provide you with the best recommendations and where possible, state whether I have physically test the product.

Just to be clear, it is impossible to physically test all products due to cost, but do put in the research so you do not have to.

Google Adsense

We sometimes use Google Adsense which is essential advertising banners provided by Google. Essentially any clicks to these banners displayed on our site will result in us earning as small commission too! We are not the biggest fans of this advertising method as we feel it does not give websites a nice “overall” look, but we may try this approach for some pages.

Our Site Has No SSL Certificate!?

You may have noticed there is no (s) after the “http” of our website’s URL. Surely this indicates our website is not secure, right?

SSL Certified sites are namely used for secure transactions of payment, where payment is taken from your card and sent to the bank account of the website. We however, never ask for credit card numbers, nor do we collect sensitive data.

Our business policy is made up of providing as much quality information on the subject matter to help people like you find what you are looking for. In return for our time we use affiliation by means of promoting specific products on our articles. This help you (the user) find and purchase the product you may have been searching for, while also helping us earn a small percentage too!

Therefore, as we do not use payment gateways, nor ask for, or store credit card numbers, we simply do not need an SSL certificate.

Get In Touch

Still not sure about a few things? Got some questions to ask about your personal data that needs clarification? Then please feel free to contact me directly at mcilvride2000[@]gmail[dot]com and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP!