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    One of the best ways to print on a t-shirt is by using heat press machines. These machines operate with a temperature range that is more customizable than that of a simple heating plate, adjustable pressure settings, and a whole host of other features that make them an excellent choice for printing t-shirts.

    Editor's pick

    Cricut EasyPress Mini

    • 3 temp settings
    • Light weight
    • Portable
    Fully portable

    PowerPress HPM-0000-PK

    • Touch screen
    • Pressure springs
    • Up to 355℉
    Pro use

    PowerPress Industrial Press

    • Large surface
    • Up to 455℉
    • Industrial quality

    No matter how good your t-shirt design is, you are going to need a good heat press machine to make it work in practice. Several factors contribute to the quality of such a device, such as a temperature control, heating surface size, portability, etc.

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      We have carefully reviewed some of the most popular options currently available on the market, seeking to help you make the best choice possible.

      That being said, here is a list of the best heat press machines for t-shirts currently available.

      Cricut EasyPress Mini for Heat-Pressing Unusual Objects

      • 3.62 x 6.3 x 7.8″ (9.19 x 16 x 19.81)cm
      • 1.07 pounds
      • 120 Volts

      This small, affordable, and completely portable heat press machine is one of the best solutions for heat pressing small objects. While its size makes it somewhat difficult to print on large t-shirts, it is much better than most other heat presses when it comes to printing around buttons or uneven surfaces.

      Furthermore, the quality of these prints is much higher than you would expect from a handheld press due to its ability to distribute the heat evenly.

      Another great thing about this heat pressing machine is its great adjustability level. With three separate temperature settings and a handle designed for easy mobility, the Cricut easy press mini can be used even by complete beginners.

      Finally, this device is quite lightweight and easy to carry around and store, making it an excellent choice for DIY projects even on the move.

      Overall, we are looking at an easy to use, high-quality product that produces durable and well-printed images that are sure to last you a long time, as proven by our in-house testing. Even when washed several times, the images on the shirts are still as vivid as they were immediately after the printing.

      What we like

      • Very easy to use, even for beginners
      • Getting desired temperature is simple, making safety a non-issue
      • Works well around buttons, not just on flat surfaces

      What needs improving

      • Small size makes it impractical for large shirts.

      PowerPress HPM-0000-PK Heat Press Machine Portable-Pink, 12″x10″

      powerful portable heat press machine for t-shirts
      • 17.13 x 13.39 x 6.81 inches
      • 8 pounds
      • Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

      This small but quite powerful budget heat press has many features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to print on small objects such as t-shirts.

      First of all, the device is controlled through a touch screen with an intuitive software that is easy to learn and adjust to.

      Furthermore, the pressure regulating springs make using this device quite simple, as it always transfers the heat evenly, resulting in a much better positioned image than handheld presses can produce. 

      Another great thing about this heat press is its safety. The external casing is carefully isolated from the heat, allowing you to work at a temperature range of up to 355 degrees Fahrenheit without having to worry about fire or burns.

      Finally, the relatively small size of the device makes it fully portable, allowing you to use it not just at home but also when on vacation.

      Overall, you are looking at one of the best portable heat press machines for large t-shirts and other items of clothing that not only performs well but also incorporates a number of safety features that proved their usefulness during testing, when the heat press was purposely left unattended to simulate a forgotten press in real life.

      What we like

      • Excellent touch screen for easy control
      • Larger size means you can print on big shirts
      • Great heat dissipation for safety & better images

      What needs improving

      • Can scorch the heat transfer vinyl if left on for too long

      PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine

      • 28 x 17 x 16.5 inches
      • 48.5 pounds
      • 1400 W

      Unlike the previous entries on this list, this heat press machine is mainly aimed toward professional users, which is reflected across its features.

      Large enough to print on even the biggest pieces of clothing, the machine features a high-temperature range from 35 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to be used for printing on various types of material.

      In addition, the silicon mat is fully removable, doing cleaning and replacing it much easier.

      That is just the beginning of this heat press’s advantages over its more casual competition. The bottom handle that is included in the design allows you to open and use an already heated press much more safely, preventing burns and making damaging the printed image by handling far less likely.

      There are several other protections put in place as well, such as a control chip and a replaceable fuse, both of which are aimed at making the heat press safer to use.

      Overall, the quality of this professional heat press is undeniable, with many features that cannot be found in cheaper alternatives. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in its price and lack of portability. As a result, we recommend this device only for professional users that don’t mind making a large investment.

      What we like

      • Can work with even the largest pieces of clothing
      • Excellent heat settings control
      • Exceptional safety features

      What needs improving

      • Very expensive

      HTVRONT Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts, Portable Heat Press 10″X10″

      • 13.03 x 12.71 x 6.22 inches
      • 8.03 pounds
      • Maximum temperature: 410 F

      A medium-sized heat press that is fully portable, this solution from HTVFRONT is very beginner-friendly and easy to use, partially due to its excellent LCD screen and controls.

      Furthermore, the heat press is large enough to work with the majority of t-shirt sizes, making it a great choice for groups of friends or entire families that want matching outfits. I have personally used it to make a set of t-shirts for the rest of the team during testing, and was impressed by the quality of the print. 

      The heat press works at a higher temperature and saves time compared to an average heating iron, and is very heat resistant, meaning that there is no danger of getting burned.

      Another safety feature is the automatic turn-off that triggers after a 15-minute delay, making leaving the device unattended safer.

      In the end, we are looking at a high-quality device that can be used for both sublimation and ironing with equal performance, all the while remaining quite affordable. It also comes with a one-year warranty plan and an instruction manual explaining everything you need to know. 

      What we like

      • Multiple safety features
      • It can be used for large t-shirts
      • Very affordable for its quality

      What needs improving

      • Temperature range sometimes displays inaccurately

      VEVOR Heat Press Machine, 15 x 15 Inch, 6 in 1 Combo Swing-Away T-shirt Sublimation Transfer Printer with Teflon Coated

      swing heat press machine with swing capability
      • 15×15 inches
      • 6 in 1 combo
      • 57 lbs
      • 1050W

      A superb, cream of the crop professional heat press machine with a large collection of accessories, this device is primarily meant for industrial use. However, homes and small businesses will benefit from it as well.

      First of all, it features an LCD display that makes it easy to operate and adjust, with all the relevant parameters visible at all times. As a result, you will always know what your press is doing.

      Furthermore, the 360-degree rotation of the heating element provides the user with a much greater degree of mobility while also making the device safer to use.

      Another great thing about this device is the adjustable spring plate designed to allow for printing on various different surfaces and not just ordinary shirts. While primarily a t-shirt heat press printer, objects such as cups, hats, and even dining plates are supported as well.

      Finally, the several plates with a Teflon coating included grant this device an unmatched versatility. There is a total of 6 different plates that can be selected depending on the size of the printing surface.

      Overall, the testing process has shown that the press provides not just high quality of the printed images, but is also very versatile and easy to control. All of this makes it a great choice for amateurs and professionals alike, though you will need some time to get used to its controls. 

      What we like

      • Great versatility due to all the accessories
      • LCD display provides easy control
      • 360° rotation for more precise handling

      What needs improving

      • Learning to use it can take some time


      What size heat press is the best for t-shirts?

      There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding on the best size. First of all, you will need to decide whether you want to use a handheld, portable heat press or a heavy-duty one. Either way, it needs to be large enough to allow for easy heat pressing the entire print on the shirt at once.

      How do I choose a heat press?

      To make the best choice possible at any given time, you will need to look into the factors such as size, power consumption, maximum temperature, and price. In addition, all the good heat presses will have built-in safety features that prevent them from becoming a fire hazard.

      How much is a good t-shirt press?

      Depending on what kind of t-shirt press you are looking to buy, it can be either very affordable or extremely expensive, especially once you start looking into industrial-grade equipment. As a result, you should conduct extensive research before purchasing one, as the market is filled with vastly different options.

      What is the best shirt material for a heat press?

      The cotton and polyester shirts can be printed via heat-press, but you will need to be mindful of the temperature when working with the latter. It is recommended that you carefully read both the declaration on the shirt itself and the manual of the press.

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