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How to Laminate Something without a Laminator: A Guide to Protecting Your Documents & Photos

Finding innovative ways to getting certain jobs done in the arts & craft world is common. Often we find ourselves forgetting to buy a new tool or missing something in stock and have to find a way to compromise to save on time.

It is no different with the lamination process. Sometimes it is not worth while purchasing a machine, but you need to laminate an item or two – Discover 2 ways of achieving this by reading this guide!

How Does A Thermal Printer Work & What Are The Different Types?

Discover the fascinating world of thermal printers and their versatile applications! From printing barcodes to personalized labels, these inkless wonders are revolutionizing business operations and home use alike.

Dive into the two main types of thermal printers and unveil the secrets of thermal transfer and its simplicity. Discover the advantages and limitations of these captivating machines, and unleash the potential of thermal printing technology!

How To Set Heat Press Temperature & Time: A Guide To Successful Printing

Whether you’re crafting custom tees, personalized gifts, or promotional items, your success hinges on mastering the art of temperature control. But it’s not just about cranking up the heat!

In our in-depth guide, we reveal the secrets to fine-tuning your heat press machine settings, ensuring the ideal temperature and timing for your projects. Thin fabrics demand lower temps and quicker presses, while thicker materials need a hotter embrace. Explore our temperature chart for specific materials, and gain the confidence to tackle your projects like a pro.