Best Vertical Laptop Stand To Free Up Desktop Space

Last Updated: Jan 20th 2021

With too many gadgets going around it can be hard to choose what’s right for you. In fact, the temptation is to buy all these nice goodies only to later discover you do not use half of them.

Hasn’t the time come to take advantage of all these technologies or designs to help ‘declutter’ our work space or rooms we invest long hours in?

One factors that come to mind is my laptop. Being a freelancer, my laptop (along with the internet) is my actual office.

However, as much as I love my work, I like to detach myself from it (after working hours) and this means putting my laptop out of site and freeing up my desk space even if I am not going to be using it.

Decluttering your room, office space or living area will declutter your mind and help with relaxing and being calm.

Solution To Declutter & Protecting Your Laptop

What’s the solution? Placing your laptop vertically with the help of a vertical laptop stand and simply push it up against the wall.

Here is what the basically look like…

This vertical dock is by Brydge and looks awesome

A basic stand that holds your laptop vertically in place, nothing more, nothing less. This not only provides more desk space, but also protects your laptop that would otherwise be laying flat (how often do we rest things on our laptops?)

Having said that there is some thinking behind picking that correct stand for your laptop type which we shall discuss.

Space Saving Laptop Docking Stands

#1 OMOTON Aluminum Desktop Stand
1st place editor's badge

Editor's top pick for vertical stand
Comes in small & large version, has 38″ (horizontal) & 37″ (vertical) reach with a max load of 4.4 lbs.

Consider This Before Buying A Vertical Laptop Stand

Unfortunately laptops come in different sizes and shapes and therefore it is imperative to select a stand that your laptop fits in, but there are other factors to consider too, such as:

  • Stability (you don’t want your laptop toppling over easily with an inferior design)
  • Padding (reduce scratching your machine when docking it)
  • Design (compact to minimize desk space while stable)
  • Material (cheap materials break in time)
  • Weight (laptops can be solid, therefore, so does your stand)
  • Fit (snug fit is essential)
  • Adjustability (adjustable bases are designed for different laptop thicknesses but in time this fit may no longer stay snug.
  • Dual or single (you may have two laptops or your partner shares your work area, so why not keep both machines snuggly together?

Unfortunately I cannot cater for all laptop types and also I haven’t tested many, but I will do my best to provide what I think does a good job!

In the meantime as I do my research, feel free to get in touch regarding your experience of which vertical laptop stands have met your needs and why?

Our Vertical Stand Choices For Your Laptop

There are plenty vertical stands for laptops on the market and to be honest, this is not some complicated device that has moving parts to it. Having said that there are features to look out for that can make or break your opinion on the product.

Let’s take a look at which product hits the #1 on our list?

#1 OMOTON Aluminum Desktop Stand

Keep your laptop safe and free up desktop space by storing it away.

The wide base on this product is designed to hold heavier laptops (such as Macs) without toppling over, this is further reinforced with non-slip silicone base mat to grip the surface it rests on making it slide resistant up to 40° slopes.

The non-slip silicone material is also used within the clamp itself which holds your device in place while preventing any scratches.

adjustable vertical stand designed for laptops

The best part, the holder width can be adjusted to accommodate laptops of different widths. In fact, the minimum width can be set at 14mm, while the max can be opened as much as 69mm… allowing you to use the stand for more than just laptops.

#2 Mount-It Vertical Laptop Stand

2-in-1 work & storage stand for laptops & notepads

This may not be the most popular or get 100% ratings, but man it’s a simple but clever 3-in-1 design.

  • Works as a laptop stand (a portable one at that)
  • Provides sufficient air flow (keeps your machine cool during operation)
  • Works as a vertical stand (save desktop space after use)

The idea to have a 3-in-1 unit that takes up no more space than their single counterparts is appealing. Although not the tiniest of units its 9.7 x 2.9 x 8.1″ still makes is portable enough to fit in your backpack while travelling.

organize your office workspace with laptop products

The unit also has interchangeable inserts for different laptop thicknesses (0.63″ & 0.55″ wide). Some would say this is a downside were others won’t mind considering their laptop thickness fits within the provided slots.

#3 HumanCentric Vertical Laptop Stand

A small Chicago based company providing you with an inexpensive solution for storing your laptop away while freeing up your desk space.

This stand is designed to fit laptops up to 1″ thick and works on the principle of gravity. Essentially the weight of the laptop pushed down on the stand which in turn closes the clamps to grip sturdily on your machine.

However, for thinner laptops such as Macs, the grip is not as sturdy as with thicker laptops, but still steady enough to story it safely away.