Best Portable Heat Press: 7 Mini Choices

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    A heat press machine is a must for all of you, nurturing their originality and coming up with your designs.

    If you are looking for a portable heat press, you will need to look up mini heat press machines that can be brought anywhere and will still provide you with excellent results.

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      Even though it is much smaller in size, a mini heat press machine will perform just as well, and we have reviewed some of the most popular options you can find on the market.

      Best Mini Heat Press Machines

      A heat press machine will help you apply different designs on your clothes, shoes, accessories, and pretty much anything.

      People use heat press machines a lot these days because they allow them to come up with original designs and customize all parts of their lives.

      Since most of you dont have to deal with a huge press machine, you should know that you can always purchase mini ones that will provide you with the same, if not a better result.

      We have tested some of the best heat press machines you can find on the market, and these are our favorites.

      1. DODODUM Mini Heat Press Machine

      • 1.65 pounds
      • 3 heat settings
      • 6 foot power cord

      Dododum heat press machine is one of the best sellers and one of the most affordable handheld heat press options on the market.

      It is an excellent heat press that will fit even into the smallest bag you have, and it can be used for transferring designs to anything, from T-shirts, pants, and sneakers, to stuffed animals and backpacks.

      This mini press machine has an FCC verification, and even if you use it under 110 or 120 V, you will still be able to do the heat transfer vinyl process easily.

      Dododum heat press also comes with an insulated safety base to prevent you from getting burned.

      Since it comes with 3 heat settings, you will be able to choose how hot you want your heat press to be – a low temperature which is at 140 celsius, a medium temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, or a high temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.

      This device is tiny and easy to carry, and you will receive a small water spray with it, which will help you deal better with the clothes and materials you are working with.

      The Dododum small heat press is one of the most affordable and most practical devices of this sort on the market, and it has an extraordinary temperature range, so it should be one of your first options.

      It may not give the perfect results on every material, but it is a device you need if you look for an excellent mini heat press.

      This device is not an option for those who are creating clothes and merch with these applications, but it is something you need to have if you love to embark on DIY projects.

      What we like

      • 3 heat settings
      • Affordable
      • Portable

      What needs improving

      • Doesn’t work great with all materials

      2. HTVRTONT Heat Press Machine

      travel size heat press iron
      • 3 heating options
      • Auto shut off
      • Up to 180 celsius

      This HTVRONT Heat press machine is one of the pretty popular small heat press devices because it has a large maximum temperature, and it will work well on any material, even if you have never applied a design this way before.

      The design is quite simple, and it can heat up within 60 seconds, which makes it the perfect option if you need to add something last minute.

      Its press system is excellent; all you need is gentle pressure, and your application will be set for good.

      While its temperature control options are not that amazing, it has 3 heating modes, so you will easily find the elements that work the best for your material.

      The external casing is excellent, and it will provide you with good heat distribution throughout the whole material.

      You will be able to use it for T shirts, mouse pads, accessories, and pretty much everything you can think of, but keep in mind that its heating plate site is quite big, so it may not be the best option for delicate and trim materials.

      It is lightweight, and compact design will allow you to work wonders without putting in too much effort, so let this be one of your first options.

      The maximum temperature is also pretty high, so you should be able to get great results even if you don’t apply too much pressure.

      One of the things its users are not satisfied with is the auto power off feature because it doesn’t seem to work as well as the company claims.

      What we like

      • Work well with any material
      • Compact
      • 3 heating modes

      What needs improving

      • Power off feature doesn’t work the best

      3. NICAPA Mini Heat Press Machine

      • UL listed wire
      • Safety insulation base
      • 1.65 pounds

      The Nicapa mini heat press machine is made for sublimation ink transfer projects and heat transfer vinyl projects.

      With this heat press, you will be able to transfer text and photos to all the clothing, bags, shoes, hats, 309and anything you want.

      It can be used only under 110 or 120 V, and it is a fantastic option because it will turn off if it hasn’t been used for more than 10 minutes.

      This way, you will not need to stress about forgetting to turn off your heat press, and you can be sure the heat settings are always in the right place.

      It comes with a UL power cord that is certified and will not allow your device to overheat and overload.

      Nicapa heat press machines come with 4 heat settings – Level 1 temperature, which is around 140℃, Level 2 temperature, which is 160℃, Level 3 temperature at around 190℃, and Level 4 temperature at 205℃.

      It is one of the small heat press machines with the most significant number of temperature controls, so if you are dealing with a lot of different heating elements and materials, then you will probably want to invest in this one.

      The heat press comes with precise tips that will allow you to reach the parts of the material that you wouldn’t be able to press manually and create the perfect design.

      However, even though it has a great heating pad and its specific heat settings are not something you will frequently encounter, users claim it won’t last you long.

      This handheld heat press is very affordable but will usually last up to a year, so you shouldn’t look at it as one of the best heat press machines you can get.

      What we like

      • 4 heat settings
      • Precise tip
      • UL power cord

      What needs improving

      • It doesn’t last too long

      4. POWER-PRESS Mini Heat Press Machine

      • Flexible
      • Ergonomic design
      • 15-minute power off

      This Power Press mini heat press is one of the heat press machines with the best design, and not only does it look cute, but it will also be comfortable for use.

      The heat press has an ergonomic design that will allow you to use the device for as long as you want without getting tired and being forced to shut off and take a break.

      it will work great with T shirts, bags, and pants, but it will not be able to leave the design well on shoes or hats, so keep this in mind.

      While it has a one-hand design, you shouldn’t rely on it much because you may mess up your temperature settings by accidentally clicking on something you don’t want.

      Its voltage is around 110V, which is good enough, no matter what temperature and time settings you are used to.

      The heating plate is also quite extensive, leading to a lack of precision, but it will work well with a heat transfer paper.

      This one will also have auto shut off after 15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about burning your whole house if you leave this mini press on.

      The price of this PowerPress is a bit higher, but it is still quite affordable and has a fantastic design, so if you don’t worry too much about heat control options and settings, you should purchase it.

      What we like

      • Ergonomic design
      • Great heating plate
      • Auto shut off

      What needs improving

      • A little pricier
      • Few heat control settings

      5. CRICUT EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine

      • Ceramic coated surface
      • Professional mini heat press machine
      • Touch screen control panel

      Cricut is probably the most popular brand of heat presses, and they have hundreds of different devices, whether that be small or big machines.

      Their Easy Press 2 is one of the best heat press machine options on the market, especially if you are a beginner who doesn’t have the best skills.

      It will provide professional heat press results and create prints that will stay there forever.

      While it is one of the most expensive heat press machines out there, the price is reasonable because it has dozen of temperature and time settings, and it will set the speed of your heat press according to the needs of the material you are trying to apply the design on.

      It will work great for T shirts, bags, pillows, and even aprons, but also sublimation printing, so if you want to get the best small heat press that will do all of this, then this should be your choice,

      The insulated safety base is fantastic, and the temperature can get up to 400 degrees which is astonishing.

      You will be able to accustom time and temperature and the maximum temperature according to your needs, and this device can work wonders, even much better than larger heat press devices.

      It also has a ceramic coated surface and iron press heats that will help you get the desired results within just 60 seconds.

      The insulated safety base, auto shut off, heat press mat, and many other features make this mini press machine an exquisite option on the market.

      Its heat pressing features are one of a kind, but also is its price because this is one of the most expensive small heat devices you will find.

      In case you are someone who is looking for a mini heat press machine just for fun, and you don’t have a business that relies on this device, then you should look at the other options because this one will cost you a whole fortune.

      What we like

      • Dozen of heat settings
      • Ceramic coated surface
      • 400 degrees temperature range

      What needs improving

      • Very expensive

      6. CRICUT EasyPress Mini for Heat-Pressing

      • 1 pound
      • 120 Volts
      • Ceramic surface

      This is another Cricut mini heat press machine known for giving excellent results, and it can create anything you want, as long as you learn how to use it the right way.

      It is a perfect mini heat press machine when dealing with tricky materials, and you need to apply a design to a small or unusual surface.

      Just like most other small heat press devices, it comes with three heat settings and a comfortable handle that will provide you with an easy-grip on whatever material you are dealing with.

      The ceramic coated heat plate will allow you to get great edge-to-edge results and successfully apply all designs without problems.

      Your mini heat press will seamlessly glide even on uneven surfaces, so you don’t have to worry that it will not perform well because the material is not perfect.

      It is also one of the most affordable portable heat press options made by Cricut, and even though it doesn’t have too many time and temperature options.

      Even though it is made for clothing, it will work great even on stuffed animals or baby clothes, so its heat pressing possibilities are endless.

      The device is reasonably priced, and anyone can use it; and it is the best mini heat press both for absolute beginners in this field and those who make a living by applying designs to different materials.

      It is also lightweight, and it is a suitable mini handheld heat press machine that will make your clothes look amazing.

      What we like

      • Great for tricky materials and surfaces
      • Ceramic surface
      • Good design

      What needs improving

      • More expensive than most options

      7. TINKEAL Mini Press Machine

      • LCD display
      • Teflon coating
      • Vibration notification

      This Tinkeal mini press machine with Teflon coating is probably one of the best heat press machine options on the market because it has a large number of unique features.

      It is very lightweight, so you will be able to bring it anywhere with you, and it has a heating bottom made of Teflon, which will help the material receive the design without having problems with deformation.

      Since the heating plate is of a water drop shape, it reaches even the smallest and most narrow areas that can’t be reached by traditional heat press machines, which is a great thing.

      Its LCD display will allow you to see and control the temperature range at any given moment, which is not something you can find on most heat press machines.

      Once the machine is ready to work and you can put it on your material and start the application process, it will vibrate, and you will not be required to apply pressure manually because everything will flow effortlessly.

      It is an excellent option for all of you who like to experiment with designs and applications, and this portable heat press can help you get the results you want within just a few seconds.

      The device is also pretty cheap, and even though it may not be the best option for professionals in this, it is something you need to try!

      What we like

      • Lightweight
      • LED screen
      • Inexpensive

      What needs improving

      • Not for professionals


      What is best brand of heat press?

      There is not really a best brand of heat press, however, if you want to make sure you will purchase the most enduring heat press out there, you should probably choose Cricut devices because they tend to be of the best quality.

      What is the best mini press?

      The best mini heat press is the one that fits your needs and requirements, so don’t put too much importance to a brand and choose the device that seems to work the best for you.

      Are mini heat press machines suitable for professionals too?

      If you are a professional and apply designs to your merch and the clothes you sell to other people, not every mini heat press machine will be a good option for you, especially not those cheap versions that will stitch the design.

      Professionals need a better quality machine that keeps the design in place for longer. Whether miniaturisation is a requirement for professional application is an other question, but the mini heat press machines mentioned on this article are designed more for recreational use and not professional use.


      As you can see, there are plenty of amazing large heat press machines that come in a small size and you will definitely find plenty of amazing devices of all prices.

      You can choose among hundreds of different mini heat presses, so make sure the device you purchase is the one that fits you in terms of size, temperature controls and types of materials it can be used on.

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