Best Boom Arm For Shure Sm7b

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    Shure sm7b is a high-end, professional-grade microphone mostly used by popular musicians and streamers when broadcasting or performing.

    As such, this microphone is often paired with a boom arm, also known as a microphone arm, which will help you to further filter background noise and improve sound quality. 

    Editor's Pick

    NEEWER Adjustable Arm

    • Weight: 1.28 lbs
    • Max load: 2.2 lbs
    • Simpe setup
    Easy use

    RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount

    • Desk clamp
    • Weight: 3.83 lbs
    • Simple to use
    Shock resist.

    Blue Microphones Compass

    • Long reach
    • Rubber grip
    • 360° rotation

    Simply put, any kind of content creation that uses this Shure mic can only gain quality if you decide on using a boom arm as a part of your setup.

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      Still, choosing the correct boom arm can be quite a daunting prospect. As a result, we have compiled a list of the best boom arms to use with Shure sm7b in order to help you choose the right piece of gear for your studio.

      1. NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

      best boom arm for Shure Sm7b
      • Dimensions: 16.3 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches
      • Weight: 1.28 lbs (580g)
      • Maximum load: 2.2 lbs (1kg)
      • Color: Black

      While a mic stand is usually just there, being a simple piece of metal that you don’t really pay attention to, this microphone arm from NEEWER can be so much more if you want.

      First of all, the boom arm is budget-friendly, meaning you won’t have to spend a ton of money on this seemingly optional yet very important part of your studio.

      Second, it is black, so there will be no color clashing with your shure sm7b microphone.

      But enough about costs and appearance, let’s get into the technical capabilities of this thing. The boom arm is very easy to assemble and can support up to 1 kg microphones, which is just right for the shure sm7b, as it falls just under said weight at 0.92kg. 

      Second, the boom arm is made from solid steel making it quite durable while still quite flexible. You can even use it on your desk, as it does include a desk mounting clamp.

      In the end, this boom arm, while aimed more toward hobbyists than hardcore professionals, it is still a great, Shure mic stand.

      What we like

      – Simple to set up and use.
      – Quite durable.
      – Same color as the mic.

      What needs improving

      – Not shock resistant.
      – Functionality loss over time.

      2. RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

      swivel mount for Shure Sm7b mic
      • Weight: 3.83 lbs
      • Desk clamp: Yes
      • Color: Black

      Rode is a well-known manufacturer of quality microphones and supporting audio equipment. 

      As such, there is no surprise that their boom arm would show up on a list like this. The affordable PSA2 swivel boom arm is surprisingly well-made for its cost and is one of the best mic stands on the market right now. 

      This boom arm has many properties that make it a better choice of a shure mount than other arms.

      First of all, the desk clamp is quite strong and robust, so once you attach it, you can be secure in the knowledge your microphone will stay right where you want it while still having plenty of options to adjust its position. 

      Next, this mic boom arm is made of good materials and is quite hardy as a result, so you won’t have to worry about its ability to hold the mic in place, nor about it simply keeling over.

      Furthermore, this microphone boom arm has a maximum carrying the weight that, while low, is more than enough to comfortably hold a shure sm7b mic. 

      Because of this, it is also quite affordable, coming at a price lower than even the NEEWER stand.

      As for my conclusion on RODE PSA1 boom arm, I believe it to be a great choice for anyone who uses the sm7b microphone exclusively, as the clamp mount saves a lot of desk space in comparison to other mounting options while also providing significant improvement to your overall sound quality.

      What we like

      – Excellent desk clamp.
      Affordable price.
      – Simple to use.

      What needs improving

      Difficult to store and carry.

      3. Blue Microphones Compass Premium

      shock resistant boom arm for Shure Sm7b
      • Dimensions: 43.9 x 2 x 2.5 inches
      • Weight: 2.98 lbs
      • Color: Black
      • Spring system: Internal

      Blue is by far the leading brand when it comes to anything microphone-related, boom arms included. The reason for this is not just the brand’s quality but also the wide diversity of products they offer to the consumer.

      One of these products is the Blue microphones compass premium boom arm, a studio-grade boom arm that comes with a variety of features not present in its more amateurish, cheaper competitors.

      Firstly, this boom arm is very quiet and shock resistant, with internal springs and a screw adapter that allow for immense flexibility and a great angle of rotation (82 cm height, full 360 degrees rotation). Thanks to its size and flexibility, the blue microphones boom arm has you covered no matter in what position you want your mic to be.

      The microphone boom arm is also great at handling noise during adjustments: the built-in blue compass is great at staying quiet and not interfering with your broadcast while you move it. 

      This is perhaps the main reason why this piece of gear can be found on the wish lists of so many streamers and content creators. In fact, blue microphones compass premium is probably the best microphone boom arm for your shure sm7b if you don’t mind that it comes at almost three times the price of a RODE psa1, especially that it can carry more than twice the weight that its cheaper competitors can do.

      What we like

      Carries more load than others
      – Shock resistant.
      – High flexibility
      – Very quiet

      What needs improving

      – Higher price than competition

      4. On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

      On-Stage DS7200B desktop mic stand
      • Dimensions: 9 to 13″ height, adjustable
      • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
      • Color: Black

      While On-Stage might be a less famous brand than some others on this list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its DS7200B desktop microphone stand (or boom arm in other terms) is of any lesser quality. 

      Nevertheless, the smaller size of this device makes it only suitable as a desk stand for your mic, and it doesn’t provide as many options as bigger devices would.

      Still, if your intention is to use your shure sm7b mic for recording your stream or something similar, this microphone arm might be a great option for you.

      It is made of high-quality steel with rubber that lets it stick to the surface of the table and provides great stability making it very useful for those conditions where you are unlikely to have to move your microphone much.

      Another great feature of this stand is a removable shaft that allows you an even greater degree of freedom when choosing the right spot.

      In the end, while more basic than other boom arms on the list, this one provides everything you will need in most circumstances, even if it is not at all suitable for travel. 

      What we like

      – Very stable.
      – Simple to attach.
      – Quality materials.

      What needs improving

      – Less freedom than some competitors.

      5. Gator Frameworks Deluxe

      Gator Frameworks Deluxe boom arm
      • Dimensions: 39.96 x 14.76 x 11.81″
      • Weight: 4.94 lbs (2,240 grams)
      • Color: Black

      Gator Frameworks Deluxe is a high-quality boom arm by the manufacturer of the same name. It is desk-mounted, which makes it far more stable than some floor-mounted boom arms, and an almost perfect shure mic stand for streamers and podcast content creators. 

      The table mounting clamp is of extremely high quality, allowing you to focus on your voice recording without having to concern yourself with the microphone’s stability and position. 

      The boom arm’s angle is also pretty wide, allowing for a great degree of customization and adjustment, and the quality of the materials makes it so that you will be set for a long time after you purchase a gator deluxe. 

      Finally, the solution for getting the microphone cable out of the way is superb, and there will be no awkwardness caused by a loose cable covering your screen while you stream or talk on a podcast.

      One thing to add: the sleek look of this thing can be very attractive to any visitors to your studio, especially to those who like the color black.

      What we like

      – Very stable.
      – High adjustibility.
      – Sleek design.

      What needs improving

      – Purely desk-mounted.

      What To Consider When Buying A Boom Arm For Shure Sm7b?

      Shure sm7b is a studio-grade microphone with a plethora of features designed to make the creation and broadcasting of any type of audio content as simple as possible.

      As such, it should only be paired with other high-quality equipment, boom arms included.

      The first thing that you should consider when buying a boom arm is its purpose. At the base level, its purpose is to improve the quality of the sound by allowing you to position your mic better. 

      This means that you should buy one with a decent rotation angle, and in addition to that, if you plan on using your mic outside, you should consider having a way to reduce wind and background noise.

      To that end, we have compiled a list of the best boom arms to pair up with a shure sm7b for you to take a look at. 


      Does Shure SM7b come with a boom arm?

      Unfortunately, you do not receive a boom arm when buying a shure microphone. That doesn’t stop you from buying one yourself, however, and it might even be for the best as you can choose the type of boom arm you want to have.

      Because there are so many boom arms on the market, not all of them suitable for this particular microphone, we have decided to write down a list of best ones for this shure device.

      The list includes the pros and cons of each device, its basic specifications, as well as the writing team’s practical experience when using them.

      Indeed, if you are in need of a boom arm for your shure microphone, check out the guide! It contains all the information you need.

      What boom arms do streamers use?

      There is no singular answer to this question. Some streamers will use boom arms provided by their sponsors; others will simply buy one that they believe will help them in creating their content. 

      It also depends on the type of stream they work on, as some streamers will need different types of boom arms than others or arms of different sizes.

      The type of boom arm used by a streamer is mostly determined by its practicality. As such, you should look more into the environment of your streaming studio before choosing one of the boom arms on the list. 

      Alternatively, the boom arm used by your favorite streamer might not be the right one for you. You shouldn’t buy such an important piece of equipment based on affection.

      Is it worth getting a boom arm?

      Honestly, the answer depends on what you use your microphone for. Casual and amateur users, as well as those primarily interested in making voice and video calls while gaming, are unlikely to ever need one.

      But, if you are a studio producer, a streamer, or a podcast content creator, you should definitely invest in a quality boom arm as they are proven to increase the sound quality of your microphone by allowing you to position it better, and besides, they make streaming more comfortable.

      In the end, if you are looking into getting a boom arm for your microphone, you shouldn’t do that without getting all the necessary information first. Information that can be found in this guide will help you not only decide whether you need a boom arm or not but also which one is the best for you.

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