Is It Safe to Clean Eyeglasses in an Ultrasonic Cleaner?


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    An ultrasonic cleaner is a home machine designed to deep clean certain objects. It usually has a tank for water or a cleaning solution. The object is placed inside this liquid. 

    Then, when the machine is turned on, it starts vibrating. The frequency is higher than what the human ear can perceive. These vibrations heat the water and shake the object so that tiny grains of dirt fall out of the smallest crevices and holes in the object.

    Ultrasonic cleaners are efficient at cleaning, but are they safe?

    Cleaning Eyeglasses in an Ultrasonic Cleaner

    When someone uses eyeglasses, they without doubt sometimes take them off and put them on the table, in a handbag, or hang them around their neck. The glasses get dirty. We most usually clean the lenses but very rarely do we remember that the frame should be cleaned as well. Occasional deep-cleaning is probably something you have thought of, right?

    One way to go about this business is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. It will clean your eyeglasses very well and that, in turn, will prolong their longevity. However, the question of how safe it is to do this remains.

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    The basic thing to ensure the good state of your glasses is to follow the instructions and use the machine appropriately. Here are some of the precautions:

    • Even if the instructions say that you should use hot water, you may decide to make it lukewarm instead. Hot water may cause some damage to the lenses or the frame. Especially since vibrations will warm the water in the process.
    • It is okay to use tap water, but remember that it may contain particles that might damage the lenses. If you are not sure about the quality of your tap water, you can turn to filtered water instead.
    • If the lenses or frame have any scratches, you should refrain from cleaning them in an ultrasonic cleaner as the vibrations will cause further damage in these already weak areas of your eyewear.

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      Cleaning Anti-Reflective Lenses

      Anti-reflexive lenses have an additional coating whose purpose is to remove reflections from the surfaces of your eyeglasses. We can find many articles on how safe it is to clean them in an ultrasonic cleaner. Surely enough, these machines aren’t built so that they damage your glasses. If you are very careful, you may not have problems.

      However, there are things to have in mind here. The density of the reflective coating is usually not very high. Let us remember that ultrasonic cleaners use a liquid solution paired with high-frequency vibrations to shake off the dirt from the objects placed inside. The lower density of the reflective coating on a pair of eyeglasses may let some of the liquid inside during the cleaning process.

      Two possible problems may occur if anti-reflexive lenses stay in the machine for too long. First, color shifts may appear in the film, leaving the lenses less efficient than their main purpose. Second, and this is a bit of an extreme situation, the adhesiveness may fail and the coating might peel off completely, particularly if the reflective coating is thin to start with.

      Closing Thoughts

      Ultrasonic cleaners are designed to make cleaning your eyeglasses safely and they do that. But just like everything else, using this machine has its risks. An informed decision is made by assessing the advantages against the risks involved.

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