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    If you are starting your embroidery brand or process, you are curious to find the best embroidery scissors on the market.

    Best Pick

    Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors

    • Precise cut
    • Ergonomic
    • 3.5 inches
    Best Price

    PENTA ANGEL Yarn Scissors

    • Carbon steel
    • 4.1 inches
    • Light weight
    Amz's Choice

    Singer Detail Scissors

    • Nano tips
    • Rubber grip
    • 4.5" blade

    This can be a challenging task from time to time, so if this is a device you need for your brand and project, then you should check out our list and see whether some of these embroidery scissor options would work well for you.

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      These are some of the best embroidery scissors you can find on the market, and some of these will be your favorite embroidery sewing scissor.

      Gingher Stork Scissors

      • Gold-handled
      • 3.5 inches
      • Detail cutting
      • Leather protective sheath

      Gingher stork scissors are one of the oldest pairs of embroidery scissors, and they have been used for decades.

      Even though they are small scissors and they look like basic embroidery scissors, they are extremely precise and harsh and can be used on any sort of clothing material.

      They are very functional, and even if you keep them in your hands for hours, you will not feel too tired.

      You will have optimal control over this pair because of their ergonomic and comfortable design, and since they have a crime finish over the nickel one, you don’t have to worry that it may harm your material or replicate some color to it.

      The fact that they are gold plates doesn’t mean too much, but it makes your sharp scissors look much nicer, and if you are someone who cares about aesthetics too, I am sure you will choose them.

      However, make sure you are very careful because you don’t want to cut yourself!

      It is much more precise than other embroidery scissors, so if you are looking for the most affordable and easiest to use option, then this is our sincere recommendation.

      4-inch Thread Snips

      • 4-inch
      • Carbon steel
      • Sharp blades

      These are old-school craft scissors made by Penta Angel, and even though they may not look the most beautiful, they are very affordable and a pair of embroidery scissors that will serve you for a long time.

      They are simple to use, and they have sharp stainless steel blades that will work not only with clothing materials but also with sturdier materials and papers, and they can be the scissors you have at your home at all times.

      It may not be as perfect as sewing scissors, but you can be sure that they will be snipping loose threads perfectly.

      If you want these vintage style scissors to be precise enough and do every embroidery thread perfectly, you will need to learn how to handle them the right way.

      While it is not a pair of embroidery scissors like others, it is a great sewing tool, and if you are an embroidery artist dealing with tough materials, then these scissors will perform much better and handle all the sides and edges; not all scissors can work with.

      Singer Detail Scissors

      • 4.5 inches
      • NANO tip
      • Rubberized handles

      Singer devices are known to be a must-have part of every sewing kit, and these sewing scissors are a great option, especially if you are a beginner in the embroidery process.

      All the scissors made by Singer have amazing precision because they have a sharp blade with a NANO tip that will allow you to make precision edges a much easier job.

      This is why they are great for those of you who don’t have too much experience with embroidery too, and you can be sure that the edges will be a lot softer than with other scissors.

      The sharp edge will guarantee you pointed edges, and when you are cutting fabric, you don’t have to worry that some threads will fall out because Singer has created all the right tools and the best embroidery scissors you can find on the market.

      Its handles are also rubberized, which means you will be able to use these scissors without feeling too tired and without experiencing problems with your palms, which is a really important thing to think about when looking for a pair of embroidery scissors.

      If you are looking for comfortable and precise embroidery scissors, this should be one of your first options.

      Westcott Titanium Scissors

      • 4 inch
      • Stainless steel blades
      • Titanium scissors

      Westcott has some great embroidery scissors with good thread snips and stainless steel blades that will be a great addition to your sewing kit.

      Their sharp blades are titanium-bonded and are 3 times stronger than regular steel blades on the market, which makes them a good option for craft scissors too.

      They are good for cutting threads, cutting fabric, and getting rid of unnecessary material, and they are super sharp with a comfortable grip that will allow you to work on your embroidered designs for hours.

      Westcott scissors also have a slight curve on their blade, which may create problems for you when dealing with complicated embroidery tasks, so make sure you look at them before you purchase them.

      Even though they are corrosion resistant, you will need to make sure they are clean because users did report some problems with these high quality steel scissors.

      It doesn’t have pointy blades, and it may not be the best option to cut threads, but if you are always working with sturdy materials and you don’t need that much precision, then you will probably be satisfied with them.

      Vintage Europea Scissors

      • Sharp points
      • Silver plates
      • Great for cutting in tight spaces

      These vintage style scissors are great scissors for embroidering because they will allow you to touch and finish up every detail of your design without too much effort.

      Since they are small and compact, they can fit into tight spaces, and they can even help you cross stitch.

      Their blades are metal, but unfortunately, they are not corrosion resistant, so you may have some troubles with them, especially if you keep using them for an extended period of time, so you should keep an eye out for them because you don’t want to create problems with your materials.

      They may not be the ideal embroidery scissors, but they work well, and I am sure you will get decent results with their blades, no matter what you need to do with your materials.

      Fiskars Scissors

      • 8 inch
      • Metal
      • Work with anything

      Fiskars scissors are great scissors you should have at home and while, and this orange pair is an absolute favorite among users.

      It is their favorite pair not only because it works well but also because it is vast and can work with much bigger materials than other embroidery scissors on the market.

      However, their design may not be that amazing, and if you tend to sweat a lot, you will experience some uncomfortable situations if you keep using them for hours.

      The blade has a micro tip that will allow you to thread everything perfectly, and they can be great embroidery scissors if you are precise and not rushing anything when working with your materials.

      Even though they are long and wide, this doesn’t seem to be the best thing for all of its users, so if you are accustomed to small scissors and you are not sure what you would work with them, then you should probably purchase another pair because these scissors are definitely for those who already have some experience and know how to handle it.

      Are Embroidery Scissors Better Than Thread Snips?

      Embroidery scissors are the most frequent option of all users, but thread snips tend to be a popular option within a specific audience too.

      Thread snips are also a good option for dealing with embroidery floss, and they have an additional blade that will help with trimming the excess material.

      They don’t have looped handles, and they will be able to trim everything with a light squeeze, so if you are someone who doesn’t like hard embroidery scissors and finds this to be more convenient, then you should check out some thread snips options.

      Thread snips can also trim in places where not even the best embroidery scissors can touch, so if you are starting an embroidery business, then you should probably have both of them in your sewing kit!

      The downside is that thread snips are sometimes not that precise, and they can cut the material unevenly, but with a bit of practice, this is something you will easily overcome too.

      Answering Common Queries

      What are the best embroidery scissors?

      The best embroidery scissors are always the ones that work best for you, your project, and whose blades and size fit your needs, so don’t focus on a specific model or a brand.

      What are the two types of scissors which are used for embroidery?

      Embroidery scissors and thread snips are scissors explicitly used for embroidery, and they can be used for everything, cut threads, and cut materials to fix mistakes.

      If you are a professional, you should put both types in your sewing kit!

      Are Fiskars scissors good for fabric?

      Yes, Fiskars scissors are a good option for fabric, but they can be useful for handling paper and some sturdier materials.

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