Best Flash Dryer For Screen Printing – Colt & Infrared Units


Every screen printer needs a powerful, easy-to-use ink-curing machine because air drying takes a long time.

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VEVOR 16" x 16" Flash Dryer

  • Large drying area
  • Accurte sensors
  • Sturdy base
Easy Use


  • Easy assembly
  • Rust resistant
  • Adjustable temp
Shock Resist.

Auto Infrared IR Flash Dryer

  • Iron body
  • Infrared lamp
  • 6000w power

One method is to use heat guns to dry screen printing ink, but you must stand over the shirt the whole time, and your hands tire rapidly. In contrast, a conveyor belt can cost several thousand dollars and eat into your profit.

The best alternative for every screen printing shop is to buy a flash dryer that can cure ink in seconds. Simply turn the machine on and set the desired heat.

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    The screen printing ink must dry whether you’re printing T-shirts for fun or work. As a result, a suitable flash dryer for screen printing is a wise purchase. But, before making this purchase, consider whether you want an Infrared or Colt heater. The heating surface differs.

    • Infrared units are for professional use and do not have cold spots because the entire heating element is heated evenly.
    • Colt flash dryers are cheaper and plentiful for those without professional needs. Still, it takes longer to harden images, and some printing ink may not dry properly, causing the print to peel off after washing.

    Both types of flash dryers are helpful in screen printing. Therefore we chose the best samples to help you decide.

    1. VEVOR Flash Dryer

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    • Adjusted temp: 0 to 188°F
    • Colt heater
    • 16 x 16 plate surface
    • Generates 1700 w power
    • Flexible height range: 31.5′ to 47.2′
    • X shaped base

    Screen printers adore the robust and reliable Vevor flash dryers because they include 100 stainless steel-wrapped heating pipes and utilize 1700 W.

    Vevor’s 16×16-inch heating plate is suitable for drying medium-sized surfaces.

    Temperature is adjustable from 0 to 188°F and features an intelligent thermostat. It stops heating when it reaches the predetermined temperature, conserving electricity.

    Using the knob on the support bar, you can vary the height of this device from 31.5 feet to 47.2 feet.

    X-shaped legs stabilize the screen printing flash dryer, and wheels allow you to effortlessly move it around and put it away when not in use. It’s lightweight and portable, measuring 27.6 x 17.7 x 31.5 inches and only 35.6 pounds.

    In addition to listening to the market’s needs, this manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and around-the-clock customer assistance.

    What we like

    • Accurate thermostat and sensitive sensor
    • Automatic shutdown when the temp is reached
    • 30-day refund and helpful customer support

    What needs improving

    • Not a particularly large heating element
    • It’s unable to attain higher temperatures
    • It takes considerable time for the print to dry

    2. TECHTONGDA Screen Printing Flash Dryer

    Multi-color overprint screen printing machine
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    • Power: 1600 w
    • Adjustable temp: 320-374°F
    • Colt flash dryer
    • 16 x 16 stainless steel surface
    • Must be link to screen printing machine

    The TECHTONGDA has made every effort to ensure that this heater is durable. But be careful this lubricant-coated flash dryer may smoke when initially used.

    The accompanying tools and instructions make it easy to assemble. Install this device by removing one heat press arm. Take your screen printing press into account because this device is compatible with any multi-color heat press built after 2016.

    The appliance’s pipes are built of stainless steel. Another trait is rapid heating. Its main downside is a reduced power handling capacity (only 1600w).

    The 16×16-inch surface will suit any screen printer. Additionally, it weighs 28 pounds and has very average measurements of 30.55 by 18.58 by 7.4 inches.

    The temperature is adjustable and changes with the drying box’s distance from the platform; at a distance of 3 cm, it is greatest (374°F) and decreases as the distance increases. It is 356°F at a distance of 5 cm and 320°F at a distance of 7 cm.

    Efficiency is one of the perks since you can quickly cure the images by rotating the heat press’s shirt platform.

    As a result, if you want to relocate this equipment, you must unscrew it and acquire a new screen printing press to attach it.

    What we like

    • Can reach high temperatures
    • Attached to a screen printer, it occupies no room

    What needs improving

    • Lacks a stand and can’t be used independently
    • Uses only 1600w of power

    3. Auto Infrared IR Flash Dryer – 6000 W

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    • Power: 6000w
    • Flash dryer with Infrared lamp
    • 20 x 24-inch surface
    • Heat element rises to 482°F
    • H shaped base

    Screen printers adore infrared flash dryers, and the 20 x 24-inch Tolsous IR Flash Dryer is one of the most popular kinds manufactured in China.

    Its infrared heating element evenly flash cures ink. The element’s surface heats to 482°F during the flash and is very strong, with 6000 watts of power.

    The thermometer and sensor provide reliable readings on this infrared flash dryer.

    We think it’s cool that this infrared device features a system with two built-in fans. These fans will come in handy if you’re drying plastisol inks on your garment, which we really like.

    The fans distribute heat, thereby accelerating the drying and facilitating subsequent color printing and significantly decreasing lamp usage.

    On the control panel, there are individual switches for each component of the drying process, such as separate switches for the lamps and fans, providing precise control over the drying time and range.

    Also, this screen printing flash dryer has two rotating, handle-equipped flash heads.

    The device is long-lasting because it’s coated with electro powder during final processing. It is easy to assemble. Just follow the manual in English that comes in the package.

    The height is simply adjustable. Adjust this machine’s handles to make it 31.5 to 47.24 inches long.

    Tolsous offers a refund within 30 days from the date of payment.

    What we like

    • Great power 6000 W
    • Can reach high heat

    What needs improving

    • Uses more electricity
    • The machine costs a little extra

    4. Mophorn Flash Dryer

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    • Power: 1700w
    • Fix temperature: 752°F
    • Colt flash dryer
    • 16″ x 16″ inch surface
    • X shaped base
    • Adjustable height 30″ to 48″ range

    If you do not need a professional flash drive, this is one of the least expensive solutions on our list.

    The temperature remains constant but can reach an astounding 752 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, it is not recommended to dry ink on it for a long time, mainly if it is white garments.

    If a heating surface that is 16 inches x 16 inches is suitable for you, then you will be pleased with this flash dryer. The design is also great because this flash dryer is stable and shaped like the letter X.

    Also, this device’s height is adjustable from 30 to 48 inches.

    Although it is not branded and was manufactured in China, it will successfully flash cure ink on any T-shirt.

    You can assemble it yourself quickly and easily because the kit includes everything you need, including the essential tools.

    One problem with this flash dryer, though, is that it doesn’t have a plug. Therefore you must connect the cables manually. If you’re not comfortable with electricity, get help.

    Another thing that can be considered a disadvantage is that this flashing device is unbranded.

    What we like

    • Low cost
    • High constant heat
    • Powerful 1700w for modest projects

    What needs improving

    • Unknown manufacturer from China
    • It doesn’t have a plug

    5. INTBUYING Flash Dryer

    • Power: 1800w
    • Max temp: 374°F
    • Adjustable height: 25″ to 39″
    • Colt flash dryer
    • Heating surface 18x 24 in
    • П – shaped base

    The INTBUYING dryer has a vast heating area (18 x 24 inches), making it the best flash dryer for larger surfaces. Because it features a rotating handle, you can easily move the drying platform.

    It is stable and has a distinctive design, which we really like. The whole construction of this flash dryer was made with stainless steel. It has a compact П – shaped structure, which is unusual. Because it has wheels, it is simple to move around.

    It weighs only 75 lbs and has standard dimensions of 34″ x 20″ x 14″, making it one of the lightest and smallest flash cure devices on our list.

    Because it operates up to 1800 watts, this machine is excellent for use in smaller stores or those with less demanding needs.

    You will not need specific sockets, which are required when using some more powerful flash dryers. The heat of 374°F, which is relatively high, can be attained using this machine.

    What we like

    • Sturdy construction
    • Reaching a high heat is possible
    • Beginners will love it

    What needs improving

    • It doesn’t have fans

    6. 3600W Flash Dryer

    • Power: 3600w
    • Adjustable temp: up to 392°F
    • Infrared lamp
    • 20 x 24 heating surface
    • Dual fan system
    • H shaped base

    The Czech company KD-Tec did an excellent job in developing this powerful infrared flash dryer. With a dual fan system and a temperature control button, this device has been a favorite among screen printers for many years.

    If you need to dry ink on a larger surface, this 20 by 24-inch heating surface will suffice. Also, take note of the sockets you have. You want to get the most out of this powerful equipment, which can handle up to 3600 watts.

    It can elevate the temperature to 392°F, is simply adjustable, and includes a temperature sensor.

    Also, this device features an on/off switch. Remember that not all gadgets have this feature, so it’s beneficial if you don’t want to disconnect it every time. The flash dryer is simple to assemble and weighs 59 pounds, making it easy to carry around the shop. The H-shaped base features swivel wheels for easy mobility.

    It is durable since its powder-coated case is made to prevent rust. But it has one flaw: no plug. Wires must be connected manually, which is problematic.

    What we like

    • Mighty machine
    • Large surface for ink treatment
    • Temp control feature
    • One year warranty

    What needs improving

    • It doesn’t have a plug
    • It can cost a bit more

    Things to Consider When Buying Flash Dryers

    There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a product, and those considerations can be long. However, for the purpose of flash dryers, we feel these are the three most important aspects to take to mind:

    1. Material of the garment

    Be careful when flashing and ink curing. Moisture, for example, can be absorbed by 100% cotton. During the curing, the water evaporates, and the ink is pushed into the cloth. However, drying time varies by substance.

    2. Heating surface

    For example, if you wish to flash cure ink on an extensive surface, you will need the best flash dryer with an appropriate plate. Furthermore, if you want to dry fine details on large images, one of the IR flash dryers is preferable.

    3. Wattage

    Higher wattage flash dryers are more powerful and faster to heat up, which is vital for small businesses and screen printing shops looking for a good bargain.

    Saving money is extremely important in the industry; therefore, consider this when purchasing.


    How can I flash cure ink in the fastest way?

    The fastest way is with a rotating heat press. Apply the first coat of ink with a heat press and dry for 10 seconds with a flash dryer. Sticky ink isn’t thoroughly dried.

    Rotate the shirt and add another layer of ink. The final flash cure follows. Dry the T-shirt for 30 to 40 seconds to finish. The ink will dry faster if the flash dryer is close to the fabric.

    How can I flash cure ink without a rotary heat press?

    After screen printing, remove the shirt from the heat press and set it on a wooden or metal surface.

    Place the flash dryer on top of the work surface because T-shirt ink heals better when removed from the heat press and left to breathe.

    Before flashing, let the flash dryer warm up.


    In the screen printing industry, there seem to be a variety of machines that produce results that are somewhat similar but not exactly the same. The decision is yours, but I prefer to use a flash dryer equipped with an IR lamp for curing ink.

    In any case, the most important thing is to achieve the desired goal. One of the devices on this list is an excellent pick if you’re looking for high-quality, quickly-cured ink at a reasonable price.

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