Creative and Cost-Effective Fundraising T-Shirt Ideas to Help Your Organization Reach Its Goals


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    ​Raising money for different causes can be tricky. This is the reason why many try to raise funds by creating campaigns.

    Key Takeaways

    Choose a good quality fabric for your t-shirt

    Although this article is based on providing designed ideas, it is also important to consider a shirt’s quality. A quality shirt is a comfortable one and one that will be worn more often to promote the idea.

    Think of a catchy slogan

    Use a catchy slogan to help draw attention to your t-shirt and your fundraising efforts. Keep it short and add some mystery behind it to keep the reader curious.

    Use limited colors & basic symbols

    Use a limited number of colors and a straightforward design to prevent overwhelm. This makes it easier for people to understand the message behind the design.

    A t-shirt fundraiser campaign is probably the best way to start things off. If you want to find out how and what steps to take, we are here to help.

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      Can I Raise Money By Selling T-Shirts?

      Items like shirt fundraising is a popular way for organizations and individuals to raise money at an event. This is done for all kinds of causes, mainly because they sell well.

      Clothes like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, or hoodies are items everyone buys at any age. If you have something unique to offer, the larger the buyer potential.

      T-shirts are the easiest way to express your message. This makes them perfect for fundraising.

      We have seen many brands trying to raise awareness through their clothing. This method has become a main method to raise funds!

      So can you start funding your business or charity through apparel? The answer is resounding yes. You need to learn how to do it the right way though.

      Here are some tips that will help your fundraising ideas through t-shirt collections.

      Create a unique logo

      A recognizable logo is what sells the brand, whether you are creating a luxury brand or a charity collection of T-shirts that will help you raise money for a nice cause.

      Check out different fundraising websites. You will see, no matter their product, they all have a unique logo on their page. These tend to be easily recognizable and connected to their main cause.

      If you raise money to help save animals, your logo should represent that cause. It helps the community realize what it is you stand up for.

      Use design templates

      You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to create your logo. This is because you are not selling a brand but trying to promote a good cause.

      This process can be done quickly through different apps with design templates. A template allows you to customize the logo. With that, you can create your identity that represents your intention while looking nice to viewers.

      Promote it to supporters

      It’s hard to get people to purchase your designs if you don’t have a niche or target audience. Since you are creating a T-shirt that is meant to help you raise money for a good cause, the best way to start selling it is to promote it to people, friends and communities who support your ideas. The advantage here is that people who care about the cause will be more willing to buy your tees or at the least leave a donation.

      This way, you will get people to donate who would do that even if you weren’t selling unique T-shirts, and when your platform starts growing and designs become seen by several people, it will attract people from the rest of the world who maybe didn’t even know about these things before.

      These are some of the easiest ways to start fundraising by selling your T-shirts. But there are some more important steps you need to take before.

      Best Fundraising T-Shirt Ideas

      If you want to raise a lot of money for a good cause and attract many buyers, even those not in the world of charity, then you need to have good products and ideas.

      These are some of the best T shirt styles you can add to your campaign. This will help attract more people and raise more money for your charity.

      Custom T-shirts

      If you want a large order for your T-shirt, offer custom T-shirt designs they can design and decorate the way they want. These can be ideas given to you by kids, schools, a church or any group for that matter. Best of all, you do not need to hire a team of designers for this.

      These T-shirts tend to sell the best. If you have a certain aesthetic you are using, for example, only green and blue color, people can create whatever they want that fits into that aesthetic, and you will send it to them shortly.

      This way, your campaign can be recognized by the colors or shapes you are using. You can get people to wear your shirts all the time.

      Cool logo

      If you have a cool logo, you can sell thousands of T-shirts. Even if people have no idea what the cause behind your charity is.

      A good logo and print that make a T-shirt look cool and desirable will sell it fast. You will be able to gain a lot of proceeds for the charity.

      It helps your organization gain a lot more recognition.

      Good slogan

      If you have a memorable slogan that attracts the attention, then you improve success in boosting your campaign. This will ultimately sell more products.

      This will make your charity recognizable and help spread the word. This is because people will see it on others and look up to see what it means. Always try to come up with something cool and memorable.

      Unique design

      You don’t have to stick with a regular T-shirt when fundraising. You can experiment a with the different shapes and cuts.

      This also includes a fantastic logo and colors, but if you have T-shirts of different shapes and colors, you will cater to many people and get more fundraisers.

      What Are The Best T-Shirt Fundraisers?

      If you are looking for a fundraising platform to sell T-shirts, we’ve got you covered. We have gathered some of the best fundraising websites in one place.


      Bonfire is a fundraising platform for T-shirts, and pretty much every campaign that involves these styles is published on this platform.

      They can also provide you with high-quality products so people would find it much easier to spend money on something that does a good deed and provides them with a good product.

      Ink to the people

      Ink to the people is a popular place for all sorts of fundraising events and campaigns, and it has a lot of viewers on a daily basis, so it is a great place to promote your goals and intentions and sell products.

      They also offer different designs and styles, and it is easy to browse through different campaigns, so you will get a lot of exposure.

      Inkd apparel

      Inkd Apparel is a fantastic place for all nonprofit organizations and charity campaigns because they provide you with a lot of great advice, and they have a vast and influential audience which makes spreading the word easier, just like selling your T-shirts and getting more money as a fundraiser.

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