How To Use Sublimation Spray To Create Unique & Personalized Gifts


If you are in the sublimation business, you may be wondering how to use a sublimation coating spray. There are many available on the market and picking the right is tricky.

We are here to provide you with all the necessary information, to learn the ins and outs of using a sublimation coating spray. Depending on your needs, different sprays may be needed, but they all work in similar ways.

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    What are good sublimation coating spray options?

    As mentioned, there is a large selection of sublimation sprays on the market. Some of the most popular are Ngoodiez coating spray and Subli glaze coating spray.

    Crafts artist applying sublimation spray ready fro sublimation transfer of design on white cotton t-shirt.
    Adding a protective layer to your sublimation ink to make it last longer on fabrics.

    How do these two sprays work?

    Ngoodiez coating spray for sublimation ink

    This is one of the most popular spray options. The Ngoodiez coating spray ensures the applied sublimation ink stays in place. As a result it lasts far longer than if you were to put it in the wash without it. The spray comes premixed in the bottle ready for application.

    Artist using Ngoodiez coating spray designed to protect cotton sublimations.
    Basement215 testing Ngoodiez spray on 100% cotton t-shirts and gives his verdict

    The drying time is minimal, meaning that you will be able to finish the sublimation process in a much quicker manner. The high gloss finish of this coat guarantees a finished product that looks quite a bit more professional and put together than if you were to skip the step of sublimation.

    This spray is used on a number of cotton blend fabric items. This includes socks, towels, tote bags, gift boxes and more. Small business owner can sell a plethora of products, giving customers an array of products to purchase.

    Subli glaze coating spray for sublimations

    Subli spray is used on a number of surfaces like wood, glass and stone. This spray is safe to use on food utensils, meaning that you can sublimate on glasses and ceramic cups. However, it is not suitable for cotton blend fabrics. So, if you are looking for a cotton sublimation spray, Ngoodiez is the one for you!

    Subli Glaze products on table top. The products include, translucent coating, white base coating, adhesion promoter, clear sublimation coating and matte sublimation coating.
    JG Electronics demonstrating how to use Subli glaze coating for your sublimation prints

    When it comes to using this spray, you will have to shake the bottle well. Make sure that the surface you intend to spray is dry and germ-free. This ensures the spray was the best possible chance to do its job.

    While applying the spray over the desired area, ensure some distance between the spray bottle and the sublimation ink. Let the spray air dry for at least 10 minutes. After this, put it in the oven at 320°F (160°C).

    Here is a short explanation on how to use sublimation spray for cotton:

    1. Before spraying, insert a cardboard (or plastic) board inside your cotton blend fabric. This prevents spray transfer.
    2. Use your chosen spray and apply a generous amount onto your cotton blend fabric.
    3. Let the spray dry for a few minutes.
    4. Continue with the process of sublimating.

    Do Colors Stay Vibrant After Washing The Item Of Clothing?

    If you choose equipment that is meant for sublimating on cotton or cotton blend fabrics, this may be one of your concerns. Depending on the spray you choose, the final image may fade after a few washes. In order to prevent this and help the spray, cold water wash your items of clothing. Let them air dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

    What is needed for sublimation besides a sublimation spray?

    If you are planning on taking on the sublimation operation, it is important to know what other materials and machines you might need for this process. If you have a small business that specializes in sublimation decoration, you will probably want to have your own equipment to do so.

    Here is a short list of items needed for sublimation:

    1. A sublimation printer
    2. Sublimation paper
    3. Heat resistant tape
    4. Lint roll
    5. Heat press

    Why are items needed?

    The process of sublimation is no particularly difficult. But it is a process that demands a bit of preparation and investment. These items will allow for professional-looking products that will last longer and ensure customer satisfaction.

    The printer is an essential part of sublimation. It is used to print the desired design onto your items by using special inks, temperature, and pressure. The image that is transferred is sure to stay attached for a long time.

    Sublimation paper or transfer paper is a special type of paper. You must have this paper in order to print out your designs. It also provides a plethora of creative options. Virtually any design type can be printed on your clothes by using this paper.

    Heat-resistant tape is also a handy thing to have. It will ensure that your design does not move. When positioning the paper into your printer, you should apply this tape in order to make sure you achieve the desired results. It is designed to withstand high temperatures and peels off easily after printing.

    It is recommended to lint roll your items of clothing before sublimating. This helps remove any dirt and specs of fabric that will interfere with the printing process.

    A heat press is used for sublimating on a number of materials. The purpose of this machine is to ensure the right temperature and pressure is applied during the transfer process. It is therefore a necessary tool for this process.


    All in all, using sublimation coating to coat different items is a fairly simple process. The instructions are usually provided in the packaging of the spray.

    This type of spray is manufactured to make your designs last for longer and also more resistant to damage. In some cases, they can improve the look of your artwork by giving it a gloss (making it stand out more).

    Applying even coats is also important. It is not advised you drench your items in the coating. Always be sure to read the instructions. Some products come ready for use, while others come in concentrated levels that need to be diluted.


    What is needed for sublimation?

    In order to successfully complete the sublimation process, a number of items and machines are needed. You will have to purchase a special printer used for sublimation, sublimation paper, heat-resistant tape, a lint roll, and a heat press. All of these items will guarantee that you achieve the best results possible.

    On what kinds of fabrics do sublimation sprays work?

    Usually, they work on cotton and cotton blend fabrics, as well as polyester ones. Of course, it is recommended that you check the instructions to ensure that you are using the right sublimation spray for the fabric that you choose. Some are suitable for multiple materials, while others aren’t.

    Does the color of the fabric impact the end results?

    Usually yes, it is recommended that you sublimate on light fabrics and avoid doing so on darker ones. Some formulas may be suitable for slightly darker materials, but the general rule is that light fabric color is the best option when it comes to sublimating on items of clothing.

    What are the most popular options for a sublimation spray?

    There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a sublimation spray, however, the most popular ones include Ngoodiez coating spray, DIY Game/SLAZNL Spray, Lovely Bamboo Sublimation Spray for Cotton and Dyepress Poly T Pro Sublimation Spray for cotton.

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