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How To Use Blender For Animation: Using Physics Tab

→ Want to become a Blender guru but don’t know where to start?↧ Difficulty: Easy! In this post, we will be looking at the simplest animation you can create using Blender. We will set up two scenarios using the exact same settings but acquiring different end results…

How To Add Textures In Blender Using Layer Stacks

→ You could learn more on materials & textures with this cook book. Just saying!↧ Difficulty: Easy! In this post we take a look at layering textures on Blender to provide not only colour but also depth in order to produce realistic looking renders with minimal effort. For this tutorial we will be applying an egg
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How To Model Wires Using Bezier Curves On Blender

→ Want to get started with Blender modelling? Then why not try this?↧ Difficulty: Easy! This post is about modelling in Blender using Bezier curves. Bezier curves can be used for a whole host of different modelling techniques, however, in this example, we will be modelling earphone wires to demonstrate this flexibility.