Best Sublimation Paper For T-Shirts

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    If you are trying to build a brand based on sublimation printing, especially if you are trying to design T-shirts this way, then you will want to find out about all the best devices for this process.

    Finding the right sublimation paper for T-shirt printing can be quite hard, but some options tend to be the most popular and provide users with the best results.

    Best Pick

    A-Sub Sublimation Paper - 110 Sheets

    • No fracturing
    • Fast drying
    • 98% transfer rate
    Best Quality

    8.5x11 Inch Sub Paper - 100 Sheets

    • Thick sub paper
    • Premium quality
    • Curl resistant
    Best Price

    Heat Transfer Paper - 100 Sheets

    • Works on polyester
    • No fracturing
    • No fading

    We have gathered some of the best sublimation papers on the market, and we hope one of these options will be right for you!

    These are some of the most popular sublimation papers you can find out there and the best options for the T-shirt printing industry, so check out all of them before you make the final decision.

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      A-SUB Sublimation Paper Pack

      • Best transfer paper
      • Different sizes and weights

      A-Sub sublimation paper is the best sublimation paper for t-shirts you can find, and its ink transferring, printing, and color quality are unmatched.

      This is the best paper for transferring any sort of prints or inks, and it is not used only for sublimation on T-shirts but also on phone cases, mugs, and ceramic, which means it can be used for several things.

      It will provide you with great results even on hard surfaces, which is probably one of its biggest pros, and it is compatible with pretty much every printer, making it an even better investment.

      They have plenty of papers available in different weights and sizes, and this is an important factor because you can’t have excellent quality printouts if your transfer paper is not of the right size.

      You can find them in 8.5 x 11, 13 x 19, and pretty much any other size that can be used for printing.

      This is also the only sublimation paper brand that has significant papers that are sometimes needed in the printing process, so if you need a transfer paper in a size that you can’t find anywhere, then this is one of the sublimation paper brands you should turn to.

      They have the best sublimation paper on the market, and their heat transfer paper is so thin and can reflect everything so perfectly that you will be amazed at your results too!

      Whatever sort of sublimation ink you may be using, it will turn out fine, and you can be sure the printouts will be of the highest quality all the time.

      However, I recommend pressing the heat press well when using their transfer paper because it needs a large temperature to start providing excellent results.

      Sublimation printing will not be easy but also an enjoyable process with this dyemaster sublimation paper, and you can be sure it is the best heat transfer paper on the market.

      It may be a bit more expensive than Koala or Printers jack sublimation paper, but it works with all inkjet printers, and it will create excellent printouts even on dark T-shirts, so it is a transfer paper worth investing in.

      The only disadvantage is that it is sold out frequently, so you may need to wait sometime to get your hands on it and try out different sublimation papers until you get the right ones.

      What we like

      • High quality printouts
      • Different weights and sizes

      What needs improving

      • Always sold out

      Koala Sublimation Paper

      • Dye sublimation paper
      • Wide range of options

      Koala is an excellent option if you are looking for a transfer paper that can work well with dye sublimation, and it will work with different ink colors too.

      They are known for having a wide range of different sizes and weights, which is an excellent thing for everyone buying sublimation paper for business needs, especially for building a T-shirt business.

      While their offer is not as wide as that of A-sub, they still have a dozen options, and if you are looking for a good sublimation process, then this is the paper to use.

      You will be able to get both big and small sizes, and it will work with all sublimation printers, so you dont have to worry about compatibility.

      Their papers run for a long time, and they are thicker paper than most others, running at the 123 GSM range.

      A paper this thick will ensure you with the best sublimation process and allow you to transfer everything perfectly to any T-shirt material.

      This sublimation paper is also more affordable than the A-SUB one, which means it can save you a lot of money in the long term, especially if you are creating hundreds of designs every day.

      Their transfer paper is also discounted frequently, and you can be sure you will get fantastic print quality with them, no matter how little experience you may have in this field.

      The transfer rate is enormous, and the color quality is good, even on dark fabrics and various materials, so there is no need to worry because this is one of the best dyemaster paper options you can find.

      While I dont believe it is better than A-SUB, it is undoubtedly a suitable replacement and the type of transfer paper that will allow you to get the best quality prints without spending hundreds of dollars on it.

      Make sure you follow the buyer’s guide that comes with the paper, and you will get the highest quality prints quickly!

      What we like

      • Great treansfer rate
      • Amazing color quality
      • Affordable

      What needs improving

      • Takes extra time

      Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

      • Works with all sublimation inks
      • Comes in large sizes

      Printers Jack sublimation paper is a pretty popular option too, but this is a transfer paper that doesn’t perform as well as A-Sub and Koala, and most of the people in this sector will confirm this.

      It tends to be quite expensive, and it is not the type of transfer paper you will find anywhere that works with any sort of inkjet printer, so you need to make sure all your devices are compatible with it.

      Since they are not sharing too much information, you won’t even know their exact paper size and weight, which is a bad thing for all buyers because this can be a key component of your business.

      From my experience, this sublimation transfer paper is definitely not solid enough, and its structure is not the best, so the sublimation inks may not appear well on it, which will negatively impact your prints and designs.

      They also dont have plenty of sizes to offer, so if you dont find too many options and the available sizes are not working for you, then you should avoid this brand because they dont even have everything in the store when you need it so it is not a reliable option for a business.

      It does come with a large amount of paper, but it is not the best sublimation paper for t-shirts, and it can be too big or too small, so it usually doesn’t fit the needs of all users.

      While it will get the job done, it can create some problems with your sublimation ink, so if you can, I would always recommend you to try out some other transfer paper options you can find on the market.

      However, if you dont have anything else available, you can create good things with this one too.

      If you are someone trying to build a T-shirt brand and grow a business by printing in these things, then I would recommend you to try out some other transfer paper options because they will provide you with much better results.

      What we like

      • Good for a big business
      • Versatile sizes

      What needs improving

      • Problems with sublimation ink

      Things You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing Sublimation Paper

      Even though most of you have already heard of some sublimation paper brands, there are still a lot of people who dont know how to choose the right paper for sublimation printing.

      The best sublimation paper is always the one that works for you in different areas, so we have gathered some of the things you need to pay attention to if you want to find the right sublimation heat transfer paper.

      Size of Paper

      The size of the paper is significant even if you are looking for simple paper for your inkjet printer, but if you are looking for a sublimation paper that will work with a heat press machine and your materials, this is the most important thing.

      You will choose the best sublimation paper based on the size they have because even if a brand has excellent transfer paper but doesn’t have any in the size you need, you will not be able to get any results, and you will struggle a lot with finding the right way to transfer designs with it.

      Standard A4 paper won’t do anything for you, so make sure you find brands that can provide you with 24 x 36, 25 x 36, or 20 x 26 because these will work most of your T shirts, materials, and gadgets.

      Weight of Paper

      Paper weight is something many people didn’t even hear of, but it is also an essential characteristic of sublimation papers, especially those you use to transfer designs and prints.

      If you see that a sign on your sublimation paper package says that the paper is 115lb, it refers to the weight of the ream paper.

      This will show you how thick these sublimation papers are and how many of them you can find in the package, eventually determining the type of paper you will purchase.

      If you need thicker paper, look at this characteristic on your package because you dont want to purchase hundreds of wrong papers.


      What sublimation paper is best?

      A-Sub sublimation paper is the best sublimation paper on the market right now, but Koala is a great replacement for it, too, and it has a thick paper that can sometimes be even better for transferring the printouts.

      What sublimation paper should I use for cotton?

      While you can use sublimation paper on cotton, you will need to look for unique sublimation papers explicitly made for this type of material if you dont want to risk any mistakes.

      Are there different types of sublimation papers?

      There are two types of sublimation paper, and they differ on the type of sublimation ink you are using, so you can choose to purchase sublimation papers working with ink or media ink.

      Can you use sublimation paper on T-shirts?

      Yes, sublimation paper is the best kind of heat transfer paper you can use on a T-shirt, but make sure to invets in a high-quality sublimation paper if you want the best results.

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