T-Shirt Cutting Techniques


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    While you could simply throw away your old t shirt and buy a new one, sometimes it is more practical do repurpose it into a different piece of clothing.

    But how to create an actual piece of clothing, and not just a pile of rags? There are several t-shirt cutting techniques that you can try depending on the look you want to achieve.

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      Here are some of the easiest ones to learn, as well as some great ideas for t shirt cutting that you can try at home.

      Repurposing clothing is something that was done for a long time, especially in the past when the cost of new garments was high and has remained popular to this day.

      Nowadays, most t shirts are being cut as a fashion statement, or to preserve a favored piece of clothing for longer. In addition to that, modern tools such as industrial scissors and sewing machines have made the entire process much easier.

      That said, let’s dive into the list of most useful and well-known t shirt cutting techniques.

      1. The Shoulder Cut

      One interesting way to give new life to your old t shirts is by making a one shoulder cut. The best way to do this is to cut off the shoulder cut on one side of the shirt, all the while letting the collar remain untouched.

      The shoulder cut exposes a little more skin then usual, without being too revealing

      The collar will now allow the t shirt to remain in place while fully revealing the shoulder of your choice. The end result is considered incredibly attractive and is very popular with young women nowadays.

      Additionally, you can use a sewing machine to make the cut smoother by giving it a new seam. Doing this will also increase the shirt’s durability.

      2. Lace T-Shirt Cut

      An incredibly attractive piece of clothing, a lace t shirt cut is created by adding lace in a criss cross pattern across the chest of your t shirt after you cut out a piece of fabric.

      Not only that this will give you unique pattern that will look unlike anything else you may be able to find, wearing it will also serve as a show of confidence.

      Attractive criss-cross pattern that is beyond unique

      That being said, you will need a sewing machine to accomplish this, as the lace needs to be sown together with the fabric in order to keep everything in place.

      Begin cutting the sleeves and the collar of the t shirt to make a new neckline such as the one usually found on a tank top, then cut a triangle hole in the front of the shirt where the lace will be.

      Afterward, sew the lace in the pattern you desire, making sure to keep the v shape cut in the middle of the shirt as straight as possible.

      3. Neckline Blade Cut

      This way of cutting t shirts is popular among younger people that still want to keep parts of their shoulder seam intact, as it merely makes the cut a bit lower than it originally was.

      This can only be done with shirts with a high collar, as it won’t look as good on a v neck or a crop top.

      Neckline blade cut is as popular as v-necks

      The process is extremely simple: all you need is a sharp pair of tailoring scissors, which you can then use to cut out a piece of the t shirt neckline to above the collarbone.

      Most of the time you won’t even need a sewing machine to make new seams, and you will be left with a beautifully looking DIY t shirt that will give your look extra character.

      4. Front Tie T-Shirt Cut

      Cutting a front tie t shirt is relatively simple, and the result is very visually appealing, making it a popular choice among young, fit women who wish to express themselves through clothing.

      You begin the process by turning your old t shirt into a tank top by cutting off the sleeves at the base, but don’t cut too much.

      After that, you will also have to cut the collar if the t shirt had one, as this type of t shirt is meant to be worn without it.

      The following step consists of cutting out the bottom hem of the shirt and making a v shaped hole on the front side. Leave the back side the same as if it would be in a regular tank top.

      Afterwards, cut the middle of the t shirt around the belly button to create the strips that will later be tied to each other in order to get that unique look.

      5. Dolman Tee

      A dolman tee is a women’s t shirt style that can be easily created by taking a men’s shirt and repurposing it.

      The first step in the creation of a dolman’s tee is to remove the entirety of the t shirt neckline, as if you were creating a simple off shoulder t shirt.

      Then, you make the t shirt a bit narrower by cutting off parts of the sleeves and the sides of it, before using a sewing machine to sew together the now loose ends of the cut off parts.

      The end result of this DIY technique will be a very visually appealing and form fitting dolman t shirt that will also reveal your shoulder blades, making it a great choice of clothing in the summertime.

      6. Muscle T-Shirt Cutting

      A favourite piece of gym clothing for both men and women, a muscle t shirt is meant to allow your body to breathe and the sweat to evaporate during intense exercise.

      You can easily make a muscle t shirt from your old t shirts using nothing more than a pair of scissors, making it a great way to give a new purpose to an old piece of clothing.

      First, you will need to cut off the collar of your original t shirt and make the front neckline much deeper than usual, to allow the air to flow freely.

      Afterwards, do the same for the sleeves, using a measuring tape and markers to cut holes in place of your sleeves that will be several inches wide. This will fully expose your shoulders and armpits, allowing you a much greater freedom of movement when exercising.

      7. Crop Top T-Shirt

      Any large and baggy t shirt with a collar can be converted into a crop top quite easily, making it possible to wear the same old shirt even after the cold season ends.

      You do this by measuring the new hem at the bottom of the shirt. Make sure to put the shirt on a flat surface such as a table and use measuring table and a marker to ensure that you cut your old tee evenly.

      Afterwards, make the cut just above the marks, and repair the hem using a sewing machine if you believe that there is a reason to do so.

      Finally, you may shorten the sleeves to make the shirt even lighter, but that isn’t a necessity.

      8. Cut Out Tee

      Most of the cut out t shirts that you see people wearing are mass produced, but that doesn’t mean you cannot cut a t shirt this way.

      To make a good cut out tee, you are going to need some chalk or a good pen, a pair of scissors, and a scalpel.

      Unique cut out t-shirts that are not found in any shop

      Begin by marking the exact parts of the t shirt that you intend to remove, making sure to measure them properly before cutting.

      Cut straight through the marks but remember to leave enough fabric to keep the t shirt together. The best-looking cuts are triangle and square-shaped ones.

      9. Fringe Tee

      Some people like to have a lot of fringes on their clothing. Thankfully, this is one of the easies DIY t shirt desings to make and a great choice for beginners.

      Start by removing the hem at the bottom of the shirt, and simply measure the length of the fringes you want to make.

      For maximum visual appeal, make the fringes thin and numerous, but remember that the fabric can only take so much cutting before it begins to look damaged, so keep everything in moderation.

      Once you are done cutting, you can immediately wear your new, stylish shirt.

      Tips and tricks for making the best of use of t shirt cutting techniques

      • Measure each cut several times before you make it, and use a dark colored pen or a chalk to mark the lines you will be cutting
      • If you need to cut in a straight line, rest your t shirt on a flat surface and use weights to keep it in place while cutting
      • Some t shirt cutting techniques are easier than others: practice before attempt to do more complicated designs by yourself.
      • Having a sewing machine is a great bonus, but it isn’t necessary for some techniques
      • Monochromatic t shirts are better for this type of cutting, as there is no image to cut off when repurposing the shirt.


      T shirts are possibly the most universally worn piece of clothing in the modern times, and they come in dozens different styles, depending on your age and where you live.

      Some of these styles can be very pricy, making learning how to cut them by yourself a good way to save or even make money. That being said, you should always learn a tried and proven technique before you attempt to cut t shirts of your own.


      What are the different types to cut a t-shirt?

      There are dozens of ways to cut a t shirt, some of them simpler than others. The most popular choices for repurposing an old shirt are tank tops, muscle t shirts and dolman tees, but other styles feature as well.

      How do you cut a t-shirt for beginners?

      If you are new at cutting t shirts, stick to simple techniques, and avoid the ones requiring a sewing machine to complete. Pieces such as fringe shirts and muscle shirts are a good first choice for beginners.

      How do you cut a T-shirt into a cool design?

      Take your time before you begin a planned cut. Measure everything several times to make sure the shirt is of an appropriate length and make as clean cuts as possible.

      Remember you can only do this once per shirt, so be careful not to cut something you didn’t mean to. Finally, enjoy what you are doing, as every DIY t shirt is unique and cool in its own way, even if something turns out differently than intended.