How To Iron On Patches To Polyester The Right Way


Polyester is sensitive to heat and combining a domestic iron with this delicate material can be disastrous. Therefore, it’s natural to worry when attempting to iron on patches to items made from this material.

This is why we’ve created a guide on how to heat seal patches on polyester the right way. Be sure to follow these instructions along with our tips!

Preparing the Polyester Fabric for Ironing

Wash the polyester fabric according to the care instructions on the garment’s label, using a mild detergent. After washing, thoroughly dry the fabric either by air-drying or using a low-heat setting in the dryer.

Remove any wrinkles from the fabric using a handheld steamer or by lightly ironing with a low-heat setting on your iron. You can even use parchment paper to prevent accidentally scorching the polyester!

ironing patches on polyester with caution

Test the iron temperature on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before applying patches to avoid scorching or melting. Lay the polyester fabric on a clean, flat surface, such as an ironing board or a table covered with a clean cloth. Smooth out any creases or wrinkles to ensure an even surface for ironing on the patches.

Before starting, always make sure the polyester fabric is clean and free from any debris!

Quick Steps To Iron On Patches To Polyester

  1. Set your iron to “polyester” or “low heat” (you don’t want to melt the polyester).
  1. Pre-heat the fabric for 5 seconds until it’s wrinkle free (refrain from using steam).
  1. Place the patch on the desired area. The heat from step 2. will hold it in place.
  1. Apply even pressure to the patch with the iron for about 45-50 seconds. Because the iron is on low heat don’t run it backwards and forth so much.
  1. Try lift the edges after step 4. If they lift, apply more pressure for about 20 seconds until all the glue melts and bonds to the polyester.
  1. Turn the fabric inside out & apply pressure to the patch (opposite side) for 30-40 seconds.
  1. Allow the fabric and patch to cool right down before wearing and washing the item.

Watch this video: Iron Patches to Synthetic Clothing [05 mins 26 secs]

To save time, skip to timeline 00:52!

Caring for Ironed-on Patches on Polyester

Once you’ve successfully ironed on patches to your polyester fabric, it’s essential to care for them properly to ensure their longevity:

  1. Cooling Period: After ironing on the patches, allow the fabric to cool completely before handling or wearing it. This cooling period helps the adhesive on the patches to set firmly onto the fabric.
  1. Avoid Washing Immediately: Avoid washing the fabric immediately after applying the patches. Allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive to fully bond with the fabric before laundering.
  1. Turn Garment Inside Out: To protect the patches during washing, turn the garment inside out before placing it in the washing machine. This helps minimize friction and prevents the patches from rubbing against other garments or surfaces.
  1. Air Dry or Low Heat: After washing, air dry the garment whenever possible. If using a dryer, use a low heat setting to prevent excessive heat exposure, which can cause the patches to melt or warp.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to add some personality to an otherwise bland article of clothing, iron-on patches are a great and easy way to do it.

When shopping for patches, make sure to pay attention to the fabric content of the different fabrics so you can choose one that will adhere well to your garment.

Be careful not to overheat the fabric or you could end up with a big mess of melted plastic. With a little bit of care and attention, you can easily add some unique flair to your wardrobe.

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