Best 3D Printers

3Doodler PRO Pen Review

The PRO version of the 3Doodler has finally hit the market. The multipurpose freehand pen that is catered for professionals from all walks of life, allows you to draw your 3D models in thin air next to no time. It has been seriously upgraded from its predecessors, offering a whole host of new features. Find out more: 3Doodler PRO pen review

MakerGear M2: The Ultimate Guide

best-3D-printer-makergear-m2Introducing the ultimate guide for setting up and using one of best valued 3D printers on the market. The MakerGear M2 is so versatile, that it is ideal for both entry and professional level users. So if you are looking for everything you need to know on this printer, look no further and check out this ultimate MakerGear M2 guide.