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Do UV Mosquitoes Traps Work & Are They Safe?


By Alex McIl – 29th Aug 2021

As obsolete as it is to be discussing why no one likes mosquitoes, allow me the opportunity to remind you!

Their humming is at a high enough frequency to keep you up at nights. Their bites are itchy & cause rashes, and worst of all, they are carriers of deadly diseases.

In fact, [highlight-it color-1]mosquitoes they are the world’s deadliest creature, accounting for more than 1,000,000 human deaths per year![/highlight-it]

Your blood sucking friend that visits you when you when you sleep

It’s no wonder we want rid of them, but to do so in a safe manner without the use of toxic chemicals or smoke coils. Safety within your home is paramount, especially for those with younger children and/or babies.

Do Indoor Mosquito Killers Work?

Yes, mosquito killers really do work!

There are many types of mosquito killers at your disposal (each doing the job using different technological advancements), and as a whole, they do a great job.

Come to think of it, what else could possibly be used to repel mosquitoes? For example, a mosquito net is only effective around a limited perimeter, and lighting fires inside your home as a repellant isn’t the brightest of ideas.

As it goes, I would go as far to say that these control devices are the most cost effective means of ridding mosquitoes from your home. However, it does depend what devices you use, as we explain a little later on in the article.

Types of Indoor Mosquito Repellent Devices

Here are common control devices that are inexpensive and effective at either repelling, zapping or trapping mosquitoes.

Before we continue, we understand that there’s varying opinions on whether or not mosquitoes are attracted to UV light. Some say it’s actually CO2 that these insects are attracted to and not the light source.

However, in this article, we assume UV light does indeed attract these little critters based on a case study conducted in Florida.

Electrically Charged Zappers

This indoor (sometimes outdoor) mosquito trap, is more effective at doing its job than its ultrasonic counter part. They contain a UV light source to attract mosquitoes (and other insects) only to get electrified once they get close enough to the unit. The unit can be a simple box-shape, while others are designed to look like a lamp.

UV Vacuum Suction Trap

Our favorite indoor mosquito control device, and the one we base this article on, is the vacuumed powered one. Many of these have UV light as the bait, and when any insect flies within the vortex pull of the fan, it gets sucked in and stored away in a catchment basket.

These devices are generally quiet running, easy to empty, require no chemicals or sticky substances, and are energy efficient.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

These are small devices that you plug in (a little like electric air-fresheners). It requires electricity to create ultrasonic sound that mosquitoes and bugs are allegedly sensitive to.

Evidence shows that these devices have limited effect. Although ultrasonic sound may be a nuisance to mosquitoes, I suspect the simply stay away from the limited range of sound only to fly to other parts of your home.

A blinded, controlled study [R] on an ultrasound device was tested at 3 different frequencies to see the effectiveness at repelling mosquitoes. It was concluded the device was not effective against mosquitoes.

Electric Adhesive Trap Plug

Similar to the ultrasonic pest repeller, this small device needs to be plug into the mains. The unit has a built in UV light source that switches on once plugged in.

The UV light is designed to lure mosquitoes (and other bugs) close to the unit, and once they get close enough, they get stuck on the adhesive tape!

Smoke Coil Repeller

Otherwise known as a mosquito-repelling incense, this product is usually spiral in shape and made from a dried paste of pyrethrum [R] powder. Simply light the end, and smoke is produced to repel the mosquitoes.

Several disadvantages are: smoke lingering in a closed room is bad for your health and can also be potential fire hazards if left unaccompanied.

Are UV Devices The Safest Indoor Mosquito Traps?

There are many types of UV devices, where the UV source is only one part of the function (to act as the lure). Next is, the manner in which the device captures or eliminates mosquitoes and whether it can do it effectively?

But before we continue, let’s see if UV light actually attracts mosquitoes?

A mosquito study [R] was conducted where comparing variability associated with light types (white-incandescent & UV) with and without the use of CO2.

The results showed traps with UV light collect greater richness, diversity, and abundance of Culicoides species than traps with white-incandescent light. Addition of CO2 resulted in greater diversity in traps with UV lights, but lower diversity in traps with white-incandescent light.

We therefore feel combining LED UV lights with vortex technology is the safest way to trap mosquitoes (and other bugs) indoors.

Advantages of Vacuum Vortex Units

Here’s also why we recommend vacuum based units:

  • Uses LED ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes
  • No chemicals, no smoke or electrical zapping
  • Eliminates mosquitoes by suction using a powerful silent vacuum
  • Can be left to run unattended
  • Child & baby safe
  • Easy to empty catchment

Disadvantages of Other Mosquito Traps

  • Ultrasonic units – can emit annoying high frequency sounds and have limited effect as a repellent
  • Bug zappers – area around zapper can be contaminated by bacteria and viruses from dead insects, which may be inhaled or settle on food
  • UV glue trap – limited effectiveness due to its size and annoying handling of sticky tapes

Best Indoor Mosquito Killer For Bedrooms

You’ve guessed it, the vacuum mosquito killer is still our #1 pick! A bedroom is a place of comfort and you should feel safe in it, particularly while sleeping.

If you are a family with children who have their own bedroom, you want no chemicals, no smoke, no potential fire hazards, and no high frequency sounds keeping you up at night… all done using an eco-friendly device that can even be powered off your laptop!