Is Mozi™ The Best Indoor Mosquito Killer?

Last Updated: October 17th 2020

It seems obsolete to be discussing why no one likes mosquitoes and why most want rid of them, but allow me the opportunity to remind you. 

Their humming is just at a high enough frequency to keep you up at night, their bites are itchy & cause rashes and worst of all they are carriers of deadly disease.

So we want rid of them and to do it in a safe manner without the use of toxic chemicals or smoke coils. This makes for a safe alternative for any home, especially those with young children and/or babies.

How about a vacuum mosquito machine that attracts the mosquitoes (and other bugs) with LED UV lights and once enter the vicinity of vacuum turbulence, get sucked in and stored away in its catchment basket.

Not only that, imagine a product that is compact in size with a convenient USB power cable that can be used on-the-go?

Is Mozi™ the best product on the market?

Well I cannot say that, and if I did, it would be a clear case of trying to push for affiliate sales.

I am sure if you search long enough you WILL be able to find better products on the market or at least ones that suits your individual needs. However, the intention here is not to push this as the “best product”, but rather show how it does the job in an eco friendly and energy efficient manner, while being affordable and portable.

If interested in finding out more, let’s take a further look at what Mozi™ does and the features it has in place.

Mozi™ Features & Specification

What Mozi™ Mosquito Killer Does

Before going on further about the product, let’s have a quick overview about what the product does.

  • Uses LED ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes
  • Uses no chemicals, no smoke or electrical zapping
  • Eliminates mosquitos by suction using a powerful silent vacuum
  • Can be left to run unattended
  • Compact in size and can be placed practically anywhere

How Does Mozi™ Work

Irresistible UV Lure Light

The light source are LEDs that are energy efficient and radiation-free. Designed to produce enough UV light to attract bugs within a 60㎡ indoor area.

Once the mosquitos or bugs get close enough, the vortex (created by the in-built fan) will suck in those pests and prevent them from escaping.

Inescapable Mosquito Vortex Trap

The silent spinning fan creates a vortex effect in the air which then creates a gravitational pull that is stronger than the mosquito’s power of flight, once it enters the vicinity. As a result, the mosquito gets sucked in and trapped inside a catchment basket.

Maintenance & Easy Cleanup

Cleaning the Mozi™ mosquito device is clean and quick. Although the storage box is large, it is still recommended to empty it once a week.

Simply snap the product in half and tip away all the mosquitos and you are good to go again.

Child Friendly & Chemical Free

The child friendliness of this device is two-fold. As already mentioned, the fan runs quiet (at 45 decibels), and will not disturb your child’s sleep.

The other side to child safety is that no smoke or chemicals are used to kill these pests, nor will you get that foul odour that comes from zappers (electrified mosquitoes… nice!). All you get is air movement that’s safe for any child.

Specifications, Size & Portability

I am not going to go as far as to say this unit it pocket size, but it is not far from it.

I have had the privilege to travel to Africa 3 times in the last three years and in some areas that have malaria and would have loved to have tried this out over there.

Keep your family safe from nuisance insects & pests
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This device is small enough to find some space in the suitcase and as it is USB powered, so you do not have to worry about buying adaptors that fit the mains of each country you travel to.

* At the time of writing this, Covid-19 has restricted travel, but things will open up eventually!