How To Remove Heat Press Scorch Marks: The Ultimate Guide

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    All of us once got lost in the process and left the iron on our pants or a T-shirt. The result, completely ruining our favorite piece of clothing.

    Key Takeaways

    Soak the garment in water

    The moment you notice scorch marks, soak them in warm water. Leave them that way for an hour to soften and make all the loose threads fall out.

    Treat the garment with bleach

    Bleach will help you brighten the part of the garment with the scorch mark. This will help with getting rid of heat press lines and making the fabric look new.
    Isolate your scorch marks, soak them with bleach. Let it soak in thoroughly.

    Wash the garment

    After your garment has soaked in the bleach, wash it in the washing machine alone. You don’t want to ruin your other clothes.
    The best approach to drying the garment is by leaving it in the sun. This way it won’t get too stiff, and the sun will help bleach the garment further. This makes it look just like before.

    Things like this frequently happen. Especially while doing heat transfers and working with a heat press simultaneously. Heat press scorch marks usually happen when setting the temperature of your heat press incorrectly. However, it can happen for a variety of other reasons too, which include but not limited to:

    • Overheating: A high temperature setting can scorch the material. For detailed guidance on optimizing your heat press settings, explore our comprehensive guide on how to set heat press temperature. Ensure a pristine and efficient heat press by following thorough cleaning practices.
    • Pressure: High pressure can cause scorching, even at the correct temperature.
    • Duration: If the heat press is left on the material for too long, it will scorch it.
    • Material type: Some materials are more prone to scorching than others.
    • Heat press maintenance: A platen contaminated with residue can cause scorching. Be sure to clean your heat press thoroughly.

    But that doesn’t mean that your favorite piece of clothing is gone for good!

    severe scorch mark on garment created by heat press with too high a temp settings.

    There is a way to make your scorch marks look better. Ultimately you can get your garment back to its original condition. This is where we will help you learn how to do it with these following tips!

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      How To Remove Heat Press Scorch Marks?

      Scorch marks happen easily and all it takes is a few seconds!

      This is more likely to happen when occupied with heat transfers and a heat press at the same time. No matter how good your heat transfer vinyl or transfer paper is, there is risk of some lines or burns appearing.

      Sometimes we get excited and leave the heat press platen too long on the fabric

      This doesn’t mean that removing scorch marks is impossible, and there is always a chance to get rid of the damage made during heat printing.

      Scorch marks are a sign of the fabric burn. It isn’t completely salvagable, but it can be touched up.

      If your scorch mark isn’t prominent, we have a solution for you!

      This is how you can remove scorch marks made by an iron or a heat press. The process is easy to follow!

      Soak the garment in water

      The moment you realize there are scorch marks, make sure to put the garment in warm water and rinse it off.

      It would be best if you would do it the moment your iron makes these heat press marks, but if you don’t, make sure to do it right after seeing them.

      Keep the garment in warm water for at least an hour to let it get rid of any loose threads, and it will make it soft enough for the rest of the process.

      Soak the garment in bleach

      After your garment has been in the water for a while, switch it onto another surface and prepare the bleach.

      You can use any bleach you want but read its label carefully to see how much bleach and water you need to mix to get the perfect emulsion.

      After you have mixed the bleach and water as recommended, you should take that emulsion and soak the area of the garment with scorch marks.

      Be careful during the process, and if you can, use some brush to isolate the place with scorch marks and only soak that part of the garment with bleach.

      The bleach will help make the garment look new, and it will get rid of heat press lines or traces of iron, but you need to be very careful throughout the process; otherwise, you can ruin the whole garment.

      You will also need to keep your gloves on during the process because just a small drop of bleach can cause irritations and harm your skin barrier, so be careful.

      Also, make sure that the garment can be treated with bleach because there are some types of fabric that will get ruined even more the moment you put bleach onto them.

      Wash the garment

      After you have successfully treated your scorch mark area with bleach, now you should put the garment in the washing machine and wash it in a cycle according to the instructions on its label.

      I wouldn’t recommend washing it along with other garments except if you know they won’t be harmed by bleach, so if you want to ensure you won’t ruin anything else in the process, you should probably put it in the washing machine alone.

      Dry in the sun

      To get the best results and ensure your garment will stay in its original condition, dry it in the sun, no matter how long it may take.

      Drying garments in drying machines can shrink them or create some stains when there is bleach included, so the best thing you can do is leave it in the sun because it may even bleach the garment even more.

      In case you didn’t get the desired result and scorch marks have been removed just a little bit, you can repeat the steps several times.

      This is a universal solution, whether you have created scorch marks by doing heat transfer or simply ironing the fabrics, and although it won’t remove scorch marks entirely in most cases, it will make your garment look way better.

      However, I would recommend you be very careful throughout the process because bleach is very harsh, and you need to protect yourself during the process, but you should also make sure to treat the garment well so you don’t create bleach marks on it.

      Always check whether the fabric you are dealing with can be treated with bleach, and in case it can’t, and you still need to remove scorch marks, the best thing to do is treat them with a harsh detergent.

      It may not give as excellent results as bleach, but it will help make those scorch marks look smaller and bring your clothing piece into a better condition.

      The process is very simple, and it isn’t successful all the time, but if you have created some scorch marks and you need a quick fix, it is definitely something you should give a try because it can’t make it look worse.

      How To Prevent Scorch Marks?

      Preventing scorch marks is not something most people think of, and I am sure all of us have ruined quite a few great pieces of clothing by leaving the iron on for too long.

      However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any tools that can help you while using a heat press or ironing and minimize the chances of problems like this.

      One of the most popular tools is heat press pillows, made to disperse the temperature on your garments evenly.

      A heat press pillow is a piece of foam that comes in a case and can be put onto the garments without sticking to it.

      It is used when you have T-shirts, pants, or other types of clothes that have tricky places for ironing, and you want to avoid scorch marks and burns at all costs.

      Delicate fabrics and polyester garments are very sensitive to higher temperatures, and even if you are doing everything according to the care label, there is always a chance of putting too much pressure and scorching your garment. While heat press pillows provide excellent protection, a high-quality heat press machine remains a cornerstone of successful heat transfers

      Heat press pillows are made to be put on all pieces and parts of clothing to help prevent heat press lines and marks, and it is the perfect cover up that will help you do heat transfers without problems.

      All you have to do is put it inside the garment during the heat press process and make sure to position it the right way, so it is directly under the place or print you want to protect.

      They come in different sizes and can be used for all fabrics, so if you want to maintain a suitable temperature and treat your fabrics without worrying too much, heat press pillows are the right option for you.

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