Bonsai Boy: The Business With The Perfect Corporate Gift Ideas

Bonsai Boy: The Business With The Perfect Corporate Gift Ideas

By Alex McIl – 21st Aug 2021

Bonsai is the Japanese form of replicating in miniature the trees we find in nature. As a gift they serve as an inspiring piece of livening art, so much so, the guys from Bonsai Boy turned this concept into a fully fledged business.

bonsai boy tree businesses

Bonsais are sculpted and shaped into many forms and styles which are governed by a traditional aesthetic design guideline. If you have a good appreciation for a persons visual aesthetic, you’ll have ample styles to choose from.

Cascade and Forest (or group) are two examples of popular styles, each with their own distinct design principles, balance and form.

The cascade style mimics a tree growing down the side of a mountain. The shape reflects a tree that has survived difficult times or natural disasters and is a good example of how we try to replicate the beautiful but unpredictable side of nature. Bonsai cascade is a wonderful gift for someone who has found the strength and resilience to survive tough times.

cascading bonsai tree type
Cascading bonsai tree by Bonsai Boy

Forest or group is another distinct style where several trees are planted together to create the illusion of a forest landscape. A forest planting usually consists of an odd number of trees ranging from three to nine. A perfect gift for landscape lovers and those who love nature and outdoor living.

Forest (group) bonsai trees by Bonsai Boy

Bonsai’s are highly symbolics and can represent a number of core values that we covet in our personal and business lives. When picking your Bonsai gift, carefully select your Bonsai tree with these values in mind.

  • Wealth.
  • Vitality.
  • Dynamism & growth.
  • Strength & resilience.
  • Harmony & simplicity.
  • Mindfulness & connection.

Bonsai Boy’s Art of Thoughtful Gifting

Gift giving is a way we form and define our personal relationships with others, simply put its social value is found in the way it allows us to connect with those around us. Gift giving has existed since the start of civilisation it is a way to show your appreciation and value for others and it builds and strengthens our bonds and connections.

Choosing the right gift can deliver a simple but powerful message, namely that you have gone the extra mile. This simple truth applies whether you are making a personal gift or one on behalf of a corporation or business. Either way, a poorly chosen gift can cause offence but a well thought out one speaks volumes about you the giver; thoughtful, creative and well organized and successfully imparts the message you are trying to convey.

Traditionally branded business gifts are the remit of pens, leather notepads, umbrellas and other uninspiring items. Considered useful and utilitarian many of these items are in fact duplicates of ones already found in our households and tend to create clutter when brought into our living space.

Careful consideration must be given to when and who you give printed merchandise to. Many people, when gifted branded golf clubs, tote bags and travel mugs secretly object to being used as free advertising mules.

Caring For Your Bonsai

Due to its small size a Bonsai tree require specialist care. Every specie is different so research the specie of tree you are cultivating and typically try to reflect the conditions and growing environment that their larger sized counterparts thrive in. Pay attention to the correct temperature, water, sunlight, humidity and fertilisation tolerances needed to help your Bonsai tree thrive.

Learn to read your tree the best way to do this is to monitor it regularly. Keep an eye out for:

  • Root rot, a sign of over watering.
  • Leaves dropping off can indicate under watering.
  • Leaf burn is a result of leaving your tree in direct sunlight for too long.
  • Leaf discoloration, a sign of nutrient deficiencies, viruses or fungal infections.
  • Roots circling a pot perimeter, a sign the tree is root bound and need repotting.
  • Check for bugs, buy insecticide to spray on tree if need be.

Be particularly careful when pruning and shaping your tree, do not over prune as this will damage your tree and prune at the correct time of year.

Always use the correct pruning tools and wound protectant or sealant and grafting paste to heal wounds from any incisions you have made to the branches and trunk of the tree.

Final Thoughts About Bonsai Gifts

Our experiences make up a big part of our memories and identities. Experiences expand our world, give us a lasting sense of happiness and are more likely to be treasured than the attachment we feel to a material object or possession. Experience are unique and designed to be remembered long after they are over, in short they are the gifts that keep on giving.