One Way To Merge Vertices In Blender

Your starting point to becoming a Blender guru is here!

To keep things simple we are going to look at how to merge vertices within the same object in “Edit” mode.

Do not forget that this same principle can be used for more complex modelling such as merging the vertices of two individual models and joining them together through vertices on edit mode to make it one object.

This provides high flexibility in creating more complex objects easily.

Merging Vertices Within Same Object

1. In this example we will be looking at a simple object in Blender, a sphere.

Sphere in “Object” mode

2. Go into “Edit” mode in order to expose the vertices that make up the sphere… the easiest way to do this is hit “Shift” on your keyboard.

In “Edit” mode you can see the object’s vertices.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on the image below.

3. Select the 2 vertices you want to merge.

The easiest way to this is by holding down on the “Shift” key and then Right Hand Mouse Click on your first vertex.

While keeping your finger down on the “Shift” key, you then Right Hand Mouse Click the second vertex…. this will highlight both vertices.

Highlighting vertices in Blender

4. Now it’s time to merge the two vertices by following the instructions on the image below (or hitting “Alt + M” – Windows users)

… then.

Job Done!