Inkscape 0.92 Introduces New Mesh Feature

I am a fan of Open Source Software (OSS) and by no means am I here to say they are the alternative to commercial.

However, when you weigh up cost against capability, then OSS is definitely the way to go and has helped me improve my design capabilities considerably… thank you Inkscape.

One thing that I really struggled with was creating some form of depth on objects. The ability to create 3D effects (or rather realistic 3D effects) is a challenging one.

Traditionally I would attempt this by using gradients, but they would very much be liner and make my artwork look as flat as a pancake.

That is until I discovered this Youtube video by HueDroid.

  1. It is a great little tutorial on how to use Mesh gradients to make your artwork have more depth using a colour picker.

    Although Inkscape claim this is a new feature, it has been a part of the tool since almost day one. It was simply hidden and you had to revive it.

    Therefore, do not be alarmed if you have any older version of the tool, you can still use the Mesh Gradient feature.

    Simply follow the instructions below:

    1) Edit > Preferences

    2) In pop-up window expand “Interface”

    3) Click “Keyboard Shortcuts”

    4) Search “Tool Mesh”

    5) Expande “Context”

    6) Under “Shortcut” create your on keyword shortcut, so that when you use the shortcut on your keyboard the Mesh Gradient option will appear on Inkscape.

To illustrate what I mean by adding more 3D to your artwork, you can see from the photo below how your illustration can start looking a lot more realistic.