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How To Use Blender Animation [Physics Tab]

tutorial on creating basic animation on Blender with physics tab

Want to learn the most basic type of animation on Blender to get your start?

Then this is the post for you.

We will set up two scenarios using the exact same settings but yet acquiring different end result. This basic concept will help you understand your way around Blender’s animation settings and open up your creative side for creating more complex animation scenes.

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How To Add Textures In Blender Using Layer Stacks

direct comparison guide between FDM & SLA printing technologies

Creating an accurate model is actually half the battle to your texture looking right. Without that, things will likely look off right away.

The other half of the battle is creating depth to the texutre. Imagine creating an egg and wanting to replicate the brittle shell. An egg has some indents similar to pores on your skin which are essentially mini holes.

It is this depth that you want to replicate on your two-dimensional render which is achieved using bump maps.

How To Model Wires Using Bezier Curves On Blender

direct comparison guide between FDM & SLA printing technologies

Bezier curves are a Blender feature that provides extreme flexibily in creating “tube like” models.  The flexibility comes in how you can control the. shape of the tube, even  after the model has been created

For example, if we look at the wires that make up a headset or wires coming out of a microphone. You’ll notice that these thin wires start to twist and turn in all directions which is something really hard to model under traditional modeling.

In this post we take a look at how to model wires using Blender’s Bezier curves for maximum realism.

HDRI Maps For Realistic Lighting Effect on Blender

direct comparison guide between FDM & SLA printing technologies

Avoid juggling lamps all over the place to get the perfect lighting.

In this post, we look at replicating real life lighting scenes using HDRI maps for added realism. If you are rendering an outdoor scene of a car on the streets, you will want to add a background HDRI image that includes, the blue sky, clouds and possibly even houses within a neighbourhood.

It is those elements you want to reflect off your car’s paint so it look like it “belongs” to the scene and not photoshopped in place.