3Doodler Mobile App: Turning Your Mobile Device Into A 3D Canvas

3Doodler have launched their very first mobile app this year and simply named it 3Doodler app.

They have made thier app available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

So if you happen to be reading this on your device, then give it a shot and download it with a single click…

Note: Let us know your honest opinion and we will feature your feedback on this very page!

Google Play For 3Doodler App

Apple App Store For 3Doodler App

What Does 3Doodler App Features Contain

There are several features that come with the app:

  • Step-By-Step Tutorials
  • Screen Traceable Stencils
  • Ask questions directly from the App!
  • Weekly Additions
  • Portal for Sharing your Doodles

But keep an eye out for future updates.

Pro Tip: You can download a whole array of stencils from 3doodler that come in pdf format ready to open on your mobile device. Save paper by drawing directly onto your mobile device screen.

Which 3D Drawing Pen Is Recommended With The App

3Doodle Start pen, due to its low temperature can be used for prelong periods, making it the ideal tool for your screen printing app.

recommended 3doodler Start for App use

The Create+ pen, designed for adults, has a hot tip, so 3Doodler recommends using its DoodlePad on top of your screen to protect your device.

I wonder what recommendations they have for using the 3Doodler Pro pen on device screens?

The Long Term Affects Of Your Device Screen

As mentioned above, the 3Doodler Start pen is designed to work at low temperatures for prelong periods. This makes sense as children are using the pen and we don’t want any accidents to happen that may cause severe burns.

Having said that, there is still some heat coming from the pen and over prelong periods, it could be the heat accumulates and might start to cause some damage that we are yet aware of.

I am merely speculating here and have not been able to physically test this out.

Comparing direct sunlight or extreme ambient tempertures which can over heat your battery or cause other forms of damage to sensitive parts, is likely not the same as small amounts of heat applied to the screen intermittently (though it is applied directly).

However, it begs the questions, over time, does the cumulative build up of heat have a simialr effect?

Can this still:

  • Cause screens to crack?
  • Reduce battery life span?
  • Slow down the operating system and the mobile device iteslf?

Time will tell!

What About The Touch Screen

For the time being, the heat issue is all speculation and the reader may think there is some exaguration in the overheating potential of a mere child’s pen.

That may be a fair comment, however, I am more interested on how direct heat (no matter how small) might effect the modern more complex “touch screen”.

According to this article by ScienceLine there are currently 3 types of touch screens:

  1. Resistive: Like you get on ATM or Supermarket machines that need a force (bending the screen somewhat) to trigger the comand.
  2. Capacitive: Where movement is activated by anything that holds an electrical charge – including human skin.
    These screens are made of materials like copper or indium tin oxide formed in a grid (tiny wires) within the screen.
  3. Frustrated Total Internal Reflection: A newer development to improve on touch sensitivity of bigger screens.
    Tiny internal cameras are placed behind the screen detecting light. Once your finger touches the screen, it disturbs the light which the camera picks up and determins where the finger is moving.

So can heat (even in small amounts) effect such screens?

It is possible, especially with the more complex parts being added to touch screens, right?

Screen Size & Predicted Limitations

One thing that does come to mind is screen size.

The larger tablet screen makes for easier “all in one go” tracing (as most of the stencil is seen), whereas with a mobile phones and their limited screen realestate would mean using one section of the stencil at a time.

screen real estate for different screen sizes using 3doodler app

Children’s Cognitive Thinking & Learning Through Experience

We see children using mobile devices everywhere.

No doubt this helps them in some sort of way, particularly as we live in an age of technology which sets them up for future.

However, no one seems to speak about the elephant in the room?

We see kids everywhere stuck on these devices, sitting down for hours playing games, in fact, it appears many parents encourage it in order to keep them entertained.

What about the addiction factor and the future consequences it may as a whole?

Having said all that, the 3Doodler app takes it to a new level.

It’s using modern technology to take users back to learning manual skills that likely improves cognitive thinking & learning for children, more so than swiping on a screen all day… talk about smart phone drawing!

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